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  1. Hoel ap Hoel Mawr Fychan: Birth: ABT 0510 in Rennes, Brittany, France. Death: ABT 0547 in Bretagne, France

a. Continued: Hoël Mawr ap Emyr Llydaw, I, King of Brittany Also Known As: "Mawr", "Hoël", "Hoel", "Howel", "Hywel", "HoelI", "Le Grand: 6th King of Brittany", "ruled 509-545" Birthdate: circa 491 Birthplace: Cornouaille, Bretagne, France Death: Died 545 in Cornouaille, Bretagne, France Immediate Family: Son of Budic Emyr Llydaw ap Erich, King of Brittany and Elaine Queen of Garlot verch Gwyrlys Husband of Alma Pompea verch Riatham Father of St. Derval Gadarn "The Mighty" ap Hoel; Hoel II 7th King of Brittany, ruled 545-554; Tewdwr Mawr ap Madog OR Hoel, King of Penwith; NN Wife of Meliodos ferch Hoel; Gwraig Alain de Brest; St. Silan ap Hoel; Ithel Hael "The Generous" ap Ceredig OR Hoel; Iseult Lawgwyn "White Hands" verch Hoel, II; St. Seve . ferch Hoel; Alienor ap Hoel, Prince of Rohan; St. Dwyaraw Fychan ap Hoel; Runalen n ap Hoel; Kahedrin . ap Hoel; St. Arthfael . ap Hoel; St. Llynor . ap Hoel; St. Rhufon ap Hoel and St. Tudwal . ap Hoel « less Brother of Madog map ap Budic; Owain ap Budic; Gwyddno map ap Budic; Pedrwn Wledig "The Imperator" ap Budic; Dyfnwng map ap Budic; Gwen Teirbran "the Triple-Breasted" verch Budig, Saint; Aliénor . verch Budic; Alain Fyrgan "White Ankles" Fyrgan; Fferedin ap Budic and Wife of Nestor de Ganis . ferch Budic « less Half brother of Sir Galeshin; Cynyr; Beidawg Rhudd; Annun Ddu map Emyr Magnus; Wife of Ionas and Cynfarch . ferch Budic; Ysfael . ap Budic, Saint, Bishop of St. David's; Tyfei . ap Budic, Saint and Euddogwy . ap Budic, Saint « less Occupation: Roi, des Bretons, 513, or was he the father in law? It just keeps going back from here until BC/Romans and beyond. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: March 30, 2015 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.