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Albert Thomas Johnstone: Birth: 14 Mar 1887 in Ohio. Death: 27 Mar 1958 in Los Angeles County,California
Abraham Jones: Death: 1791 in At Sea
Abraham Jones: Birth: 24 Mar 1751 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: AFT 1791
Amanda Alice Henly Jones: Birth: 29 Jan 1857. Death: 1951
ANN Keen Jones: Birth: 1663 in England. Death: 1687 in Rappahannock,VA
Benjamin Jones: Birth: 5 Apr 1839 in , Green, Pa. Death: 9 Apr 1916
Bertha E. Jones: Birth: 1891. Death: 1972
Edward Jones: Birth: 24 Dec 1755 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: 1795 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny
Eva Jones: Death: AFT 1803
Frances Jones: Birth: 12 May 1806 in McGonigles, Butler, Oh. Death: 1873 in , Butler, Oh
Fred T. Jones: Birth: May 1888 in OH. Death: 29 Jul 1963 in Knox Co., OH
Grover Jones: Birth: 17 Aug 1885.
Henry Jones: Birth: 1859. Death: 1919
Ivah Chloe Jones: Birth: 6 May 1895 in near Milan,MO.
James B. Jones: Birth: 11 Jun 1867.
Jane Jones: Birth: 29 Mar 1753 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: 26 Feb 1820 in , Shelborne, Nova Scotia, Canada
John Jones: Birth: 11 Sep 1764 in , Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: BEF 1791
Joshua Jones: Birth: 20 Dec 1840 in , Franklin, Oh.
Kitty Jones: Birth: 6 May 1875. Death: 1952
Mary Mariah L. Jones: Birth: 7 Aug 1811 in Oh. Death: 1892 in Butler Co, Oh
Mary Jones: Birth: 21 May 1805. Death: 2 Aug 1834
Mose Milton S. Jones: Birth: ABT 1869 in Mo.
Phillip H. Jones: Birth: Apr 1864 in OH.
RICE Jones: Birth: ABT 1675 in England.
Robert Jones: Birth: ABT 1915 in OH. Death: 19 Aug 1966 in Mt Vernon, Knox Co., OH
Sallie Jones: Birth: 23 Jul 1880.
Victor Jones: Birth: 25 Jun 1904. Death: Apr 1984 in Brimming, Linn Co.,MO
William P. Jones: Birth: 19 Jul 1866.
WILLIAM Jones: Birth: ABT 1650.
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Anna Grace Jordan: Birth: 21 Oct 1897 in Stafford,Stafford,KS. Death: 1 Nov 1993 in Plainville, Rooks, KS
Catherine Jordan: Birth: ABT 1719 in Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 11 May 1797 in Middleton, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Chester Clair Jordan: Birth: 12 Jan 1900 in Stafford,Stafford,KS. Death: Apr 1969 in Hutchinson,Reno,KS
ELIZABETH Jordan: Birth: 8 Feb 1726/1727 in New Castle Co.,DE.
Estella Jordan: Birth: 18 Feb 1896. Death: 13 Nov 1964
HANNAH Susanna Jordan: Birth: ABT 1620 in Denham, Suffolk, England. Death: 29 Oct 1669 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA
James Herle Jordan: Birth: 24 Mar 1906 in Stafford,Stafford,KS. Death: Jun 1980 in Saint John,Stafford,KS
JOHN Jordan: Birth: ABT 1693 in Monaghan County, Ireland. Death: Will 12 Apr 1750 in Pennsborough Twp, Cumberland, Pa
Joseph Brumfield Jordan: Birth: Sep 1868 in Louisville, KY. Death: 1954 in Stafford, Stafford Co., KS
MARGARET Jordan: Birth: ABT 1720 in , Monaghan, Ireland. Death: 11 May 1797 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Mary Jordan: Birth: ABT 1712.
Nora Alice Jordan: Birth: 16 Jun 1896 in Stafford,Stafford,KS.
ROBERT Jordan: Birth: ABT 1565 in Of High Halden, Kent, England.
STEPHEN Jordan: Birth: ABT 1589 in Denham, Suffolk, England. Death: 8 Feb 1669/1670 in Newbury, Essex Co.,MA
Stephen Jordan: Birth: ABT 1623 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England.
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Abraham Journeay: Birth: 1779. Death: 1819
Ann Journeay: Birth: ABT 1810.
James Journeay: Birth: 4 Aug 1810.
Joseph Journeay: Birth: Oct 1782. Death: Feb 1858
Lucinda Journeay: Birth: ABT 1812.
Mary Journeay: Birth: 6 Oct 1806.
William Journeay: Birth: ABT 1816.
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JEAN Jubril: Birth: ABT 1595.
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Gradlon Flam ap Judicael: Birth: ABT 0632 in Cornouaille, Bretagne, France. Death: ABT 0711 in Brittany, France
ANNA MARIA Jung: Birth: ABT 1758 in Hooff, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia. Death: in Columbia County, PA
JOHANN Peter Jung: Birth: ABT 1650 in Alt Altmannsdorf. Death: Apr 1709 in Alt Altmannsdorf
MATHIAS Jung: Birth: ABT 1677. Death: 19 Dec 1742 in Fraulautern, Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany
PETER Jung: Birth: 10 Sep 1715 in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany. Death: 29 Oct 1778 in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany
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Elizabeth Junk: Birth: 16 Mar 1779. Death: 14 Jan 1860
ANDRIENNE Jurbil: Birth: 25 Jan 1618 in Ardennis, Vendrisse, France.

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