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Marriage: Children:
  1. Carrol Richard: Birth: Sep 1887 in Nebraska.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mirtle : Birth: ABT 1875 in IN.

a. Note:   arsh, age 43, male, saddle and harness maker, PV $400, NY. Martha A., age 39, female, OH. William age 18, male, OH. Joseph, age 11, male, OH. Eliza, age 7, female, IN. Haintta/Hahilla, age 4, female, IN. Permelia, age 2, female, IN.
  1870 US Census Indiana, Morgan Co., Washington. p 21. 5 July 1870. 150 158. Marsh Wales, age 60, male, white, harness maker, PV $1000, NY. Martha, age 50, female, white, keeping house, OH. Joseph, age 21, male, white, harness maker, OH. Eliza, age 17, female, white, IN. Arvilla, age 15, female white, IN. Anna, age 8, female, white,IN.
  1880 US Census Indiana, Morgan Co., Ray. p 2, SD 4, Ed 274. 1 June 1880. 19 21. Marsh Wales, white, male, age 64, married, clerk in depot, NY VT VT. Martha A., white, female, age 59, wife, married, keeping house, OH NJ NJ. Joseph, white, male, age 31, son, single, works in saw mill, OH NY NJ sic. Ele ?, Eliza C., white, female, age 26, daughter, single, IN NY NJ sic. Arvy, white, female, age 22, daughter, divorced, IN NY NJ sic. Emma A., white, female, age 19, daughter, single, IN NY NJ sic. Eaten ?, Mirtle, white, female, age 5, granddaughter, single, IN IA IN.
  1900 US Census Colorado, Larimer Co., Laporte. SD 24, ED 210, Sheet 1B. 5 to 12 July 1900. 296 296. Richard, William B., head, white, male, Apr 1864, age 36, married 14 yrs, IN WV IN, farm laborer. Arvillia, wife, white, female, June 1855, age 36, married 14 yrs, 2 births, 2 living, IN VT OH. Marsh, Whales, father-in-law, white, male, Jan 1816, age 84, wd, VT VT VT. Richard, Carrol, daughter, white, female, Sept 1887, age 12, single, NE IN IN.
  1910 US Census Oregon, Linn County, Albany Ward 1. SD 1, ED 198, Sheet 8A. 22-23 April 1910. 618 West Fourth St. 155 181. Richards, William, head, male, white, age 47, married one time for 24 yrs, IN NJ NJ, carpenter house. Arvilla, wife, female, white, age 54, married 2nd time for 24 yrs, 2 births, 2 living, IN VT OH. Carrol, daughter, female, white, age 22, single, NE IN IN, milliner.
  1920 US Census Oregon, Clackamas Co., Concord. SD 1, ED 32, Sheet 7B, 15 Jan 1920. 124 125. Richards, William B., head, own home mortgaged, male, white, age 57, married, IN VA IN, house carpenter. Arvilla, wife, female, white, age 63, married IN VT OH.
  1930 US Census Oregon, Multnomah, Portland ( Dist 271-553), ED 26-354, SD 3, Sheet 6 A & B, April 9, 1930.732 78th Stree N., 164 165. Simpson, George H., head, own home worth $33,000, radio, male, white, age 50, married at age 38, NE Scotland NY, route man, laundry. Simpson, Carrol M., wife, female, white, age 43, married at age 30, NE IN IN. Richard H., son, male, white, age 10, single, OR NE NE. Ruth L., daughter, female, white, age 9, single, OR NE NE. Esther L., daughter, female, white, age 9, single, OH NE NE. Richards, William B., father-in-law, male, white, age 68, married at age 26, IN WV IN. Richards, Arvilla, mother-in-law, female, white, age 73, married at age 30, IN VT OH.
Note:   1860 US Census Ohio, Indiana, Hendricks Co., Brownsburg. p 67. 18 June 1860. 363 363. Wales M is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.