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Marriage: Children:
  1. Leona Banks: Birth: 1 Oct 1885 in KS. Death: 22 Oct 1966 in Hutchinson, Reno,KS

  2. Charles Banks: Birth: Feb 1889 in KS.

  3. Clarence David Banks: Birth: Sep 1892 in Co.

  4. Grant Lester Banks: Birth: 23 Jun 1895 in Cleo, OK.

  5. Edward Banks: Birth: Feb 1898 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple.

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a. Note:   s, David, head, white, male, Feb 1858, age 42, married 17 years, KY KY KY, farmer. Catherine E., wife, white, female, Aug 1867, age 32, married 17 yrs, 6 births, 6 living, OH OH OH. Seona (Lena), daughter, white, female, Oct 1886, age 13, single, KS KY OH. Charles W., son, white, male, Feb 1889, age 11, single, KS KY OH. Sadie, daughter, white, female, Aug 1890, age 9, single, KS KY OH. David C., son, white, male, Sep 1892, age 7, single, CO KY OH. Grant L., son, white, male, June 1894, age 5, single, OK KY OH. Edwin, son, white, male, Feb 1898, age 2, single, OK KY OH.
  1910 US Census Kansas, Reno Hutchinson, SD ?7, ED 169, Sheet 9A, 25 Apr 1910. 212, 190, 194. Banks, David C., head, male, white, age 52, married once for 26 yrs, KY KY KY, laborer. Ella, wife, female, white, age 42, married once for 26 yrs, 9 births, 8 living, OH OH OH. Lena, daughter, female, age 24, widowed, 2 births, 2 living, KS KY OH. Charles, son, male, white, age 22, single, KS KY OH, Laborer, Clarence, son, male, white, age 17, single, CO KY OH, laborer, bell boy. Grant, son, male, white, age 14, single, OK KY OH. Edward, son, male, white, age 12, single, OK KY OH. Edith, daughter, female, white, age 9, single, OK, KY OH. Ruby, daughter, female, age 4, single, KS KY OH. Hostutter, Loren, grand-son, male, white, age 2, single, KS MO KS. Hostutter, Thelma, grand-daughter, female, white, age 1, KS MO KS.
  1920 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson. SD 7, ED 177, Sheet 12A, 9 Jan 1920. 212 Bigger East, 237 263. Banks, David C. own home mortgaged, male, white, age 61, married, KY KY KY, oiler, salt plant. Ellen C., female, white, age 52, married, OH OH OH. Clarence D., son, male, white, age 27, single, CO KY OH, engineer, salt plant. Edwin D., son, male, white, age 21, single, OK KY OH, laborer, salt plant. Edith M., daughter, female, white, age 19, single, OK KY OH. Ruby E., daughter, female, white, age 14, single, KS KY OH. John D., grandson, male, white, 4 11/12, single, MO KS MO. James W., father, male, white, age 85, wd, KY KY KY, laborer, street.
  1930 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson. ED 78-25, SD 8, Sheet 8B, April 15, 1930. 603 N Plum, 215. Banks, David, head, own home worth $1000?, radio, male, white, age 72 married at age 25, KY KY KY, laborer, construction co. engineer. Catherine, wife, female, white, age 62, married at age 16, OH OH OH. Edwin, son, male, white, age 32, married at age 24, OK KY OH, oiler, steam railroad. Hazel, daughter-in-law, female, white, age 28, married at age 23, MO US US. John, grandson, male, white, age 9, single, KS US US. John D., grandson, male, white, age 15, single MO KS MO.
Note:   1900 US Census Oklahoma, Kay, Longwood. Sd 219, ED 93, Sheet 17B. 19 June 1900. 221 221. Bank is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.