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a. Note:   . Banks, David C., head, male, white, age 52, married once for 26 yrs, KY KY KY, laborer. Ella, wife, female, white, age 42, married once for 26 yrs, 9 births, 8 living, OH OH OH. Lena, daughter, female, age 24, widowed, 2 births, 2 living, KS KY OH. Charles, son, male, white, age 22, single, KS KY OH, Laborer, Clarence, son, male, white, age 17, single, CO KY OH, laborer, bell boy. Grant, son, male, white, age 14, single, OK KY OH. Edward, son, male, white, age 12, single, OK KY OH. Edith, daughter, female, white, age 9, single, OK, KY OH. Ruby, daughter, female, age 4, single, KS KY OH. Hostutter, Loren, grand-son, male, white, age 2, single, KS MO KS. Hostutter, Thelma, grand-daughter, female, white, age 1, KS MO KS.
  1915 Kansas State Census, Hutchinson, Reno County. Own home, mortgaged. C. D. Houck, age 47, male, white, Ohio. Leona Houck, age 30, female, while, KS. Ira Houck, age 10, male, white, KS. Lorren Houck, age 7, male, white, KS. Thelma Houck, age 6, female, white, KS. Lewis Houck, age 1, male, white, KS OH KS.
  1920 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson. SD 7, ED 177, Sheet 5B, 5 Jan 1920. 318 E East. 85 99. Houck, Charles D., head, own home mortgaged, male, white, age 48 married, OH MD MD, engineer, stationary. Leona A., wife, female, white, age 34, married, KS OH KS. Houck, Ira E., son, male, white, age 14, single, KS OH KS. Hostutter/Hostutler, Lauren V., step son, male, white, age 12, single, KS MO KS. Hostutter/Hostutler, Thelma, step daughter, female, white, age 11, single, KS MO KS. Houck, Louis, son, male, white, age 5, single, KS OH KS. Houck, Elizabeth, mother, female, white, age 73, wd, MD MD MD.
  1930 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson, ED 78-21, SD 8, Sheet 15A. April 22, 1930. 1304 N. Forest. 360 407. Houck, Loren, head, rent for $9.00, male, white, age 22, married at age 21, KS KS KS, laborer, produce. Mrs. Loren, wife, male (sic), age 20, married at age 19, KS KS MO, laborer, creamery.
  Social Security Death Index Name: Loren Houck SSN: 510-10-5959 Last Residence: 19947 Georgetown, Sussex, Delaware, United States of America Born: 9 May 1907 Died: Mar 1982 State (Year) SSN issued: Kansas (Before 1951)
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