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a. Note:   addix, Edith, head, own home free, female, white, age 30, wd, IL OH IL. William, son, male, white, age 8, single, IL IL IL. Dortha L., daughter, female, white, age 3, single, IL IL IL.
  1930 US Census Illinois, Clark Co., York. ED 12-20, SD 16, Sheet 5A, April 8, 1930. 123 124. Marvin, Harry, head, own home, radion, male, white, age 39, married at age 23, IL NY IL, farmer, general farm. Edith, wife, female, white, age 41, married at age 21, IL OH IL. Helen, daughter, female, white, age 15, single, IL IL IL. Haddix, Richard, step son, male, white, age 18, single, IL IL IL, laborer, general farm. Dorothy L., step daughter, female, white, age 14, single, IL IL IL. NOTE: Did census taker make a mistake as next door is a Haddix family. If Richard and Dorothy were from a previous marriage, then Edith is not the mother of Helen. Is Edith a 2nd wife? Did Mary E. died?
Note:   1920 US Census Illinois, Clark Co., York. SD 10, ED 23, Sheet 7A. 12 January 1920. 166 166. H is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.