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David Harper McQuisten: Birth: 25 Sep 1805 in Venango, Pa.
John McQuisten: Birth: 9 Aug 1776 in Westmoreland,PA. Death: 4 Apr 1849 in , Venango, Pa
Peggy McQuisten: Birth: 13 Mar 1803 in Venango, Pa.
Agnes McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1776.
Alexander McQuiston: Birth: 10 Mar 1782 in Westmoreland,PA. Death: 31 May 1867
Betsy Ann McQuiston: Birth: 1767 in Cumberland Co,Pa.
Charles Leonard McQuiston: Birth: May 1856 in Jasper,IA.
Commodore Perry McQuiston: Birth: Jul 1863 in IA.
David McQuiston: Birth: 1784 in Westmoreland,PA. Death: 23 Jul 1877
Dora May McQuiston: Birth: 15 May 1860 in Jasper,IA.
Eli McQuiston: Birth: 1851 in IN.
Elizabeth McQuiston: Birth: 3 Jun 1827.
Elizabeth McQuiston: Birth: 1795. Death: BEF 1854
George Washington McQuiston: Birth: 8 Jul 1858 in Jasper,IA.
James McQuiston: Birth: 1778 in , , Pa. Death: 1823
John W. McQuiston: Birth: May 1853 in IN.
John McQuiston: Birth: 25 Mar 1799 in Westmoreland,PA. Death: 9 Dec 1854 in La Grange Co,IN
John McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1774. Death: 1833 in Tuscarawas,OH
Julie Ann McQuiston: Birth: 22 Jan 1831.
Kate McQuiston: Birth: 1797.
MARGARET "MARGERY" McQuiston: Birth: 14 May 1739 in , Lancaster, Pa. Death: in Trindle Springs, Cumberland, Pa
Margaret McQuiston: Birth: 3 Jun 1827.
Margaret McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1805.
Martha McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1772.
Martha McQuiston: Birth: 1843.
Mary McQuiston: Birth: 4 Nov 1829.
Mary McQuiston: Birth: 25 Oct 1773 in , Westmoreland, Pa. Death: 1808 in , Westmoreland, Pa
Perry Commodore McQuiston: Birth: 1 Mar 1829.
Robert McQuiston: Birth: 1765 in Cumberland Co,Pa. Death: 1813
Rosa Anna McQuiston: Birth: May 1867 in Clear Creek Twp,Jasper,IA.
Sarah E. McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1865 in Story,IA.
Sarah Janet McQuiston: Birth: 1772 in Westmoreland,PA. Death: 22 Dec 1843
Sarah McQuiston: Birth: 1 Jan 1835.
Schuyler McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1869 in IA.
Silas McQuiston: Birth: 4 Mar 1833 in Tuscarawas,OH.
Susan McQuiston: Birth: 1841.
Thomas McQuiston: Birth: 1750 in Ireland. Death: 16 Apr 1778 in Westmoreland,PA
Thomas McQuiston: Birth: ABT 1778.
William McQuiston: Birth: 28 Sep 1825 in , Tuscarawas, Oh. Death: Dec 1870 in , Jasper, Ia
William McQuiston: Birth: 10 Jun 1763 in Cumberland Co,Pa. Death: 31 Mar 1833
William McQuiston: Birth: 1800.
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Judith McWilliams: Birth: 5 Mar 1858 in Ohio. Death: 28 Apr 1900
Lanta McWilliams: Birth: 16 Jul 1850 in Ohio.
Lida Jane "Eliza" McWilliams: Birth: 26 Nov 1851 in Ohio. Death: 9 Jun 1924 in Liberty, Licking County, Ohio
Thomas McWilliams: Birth: 4 Apr 1852 in Ohio. Death: 1917 in OHio
William McWilliams: Birth: ABT 1805 in PA. Death: 18 Jan 1882 in Ohio
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Sarah Jane Means: Birth: ABT 1844 in OH.
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John Meers: Birth: ABT 1388.
Margaret Meers: Birth: ABT 1414 in Of Lincolnshire, England.
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Steve Melina: Death: BEF 1999
James E. Melte: Birth: 22 Aug 1913. Death: 15 Aug 1989 in Brookfield, Linn Co., MO
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Anna Gertruda Menck: Birth: ABT 1796.
Johannes Menck: Birth: ABT 1761. Death: ABT 1828
Aaron Mendenhall: Birth: 20 Nov 1690 in Concord,Chester,PA. Death: 30 Apr 1765 in East Caln, Chester County, PA
Abigail A. Mendenhall: Birth: 16 May 1836 in OH.
Absolom Mendenhall: Birth: 25 Oct 1805 in Clinton Co.,OH.
Alvin Lawrence Mendenhall: Birth: 21 Aug 1866 in Darke County, Ohio.
Calvin C. Mendenhall: Birth: 21 Aug 1866 in Darke County, Ohio.
David Walker Mendenhall: Birth: 19 Jan 1872 in New Carlisle, Clark, Oh. Death: 17 Mar 1928 in Clark County, Ohio
Franklin Filmore Mendenhall: Birth: 15 Apr 1856 in Darke County, Ohio.
George Mendenhall: Birth: 14 Aug 1686 in Concord,Chester,PA.
Granville H. Mendenhall: Birth: 16 May 1836 in Clinton, Oh. Death: in Dayton,Montgomery,OH
Hannah Mendenhall: Birth: ABT 1852 in Darke County, Ohio.
James Tillett Mendenhall: Birth: 9 Jul 1846 in Pipe Creek,Madison Co.,IN.
James Mendenhall: Birth: 13 Aug 1812 in Clinton Co.,OH.
James Mendenhall: Birth: 26 Nov 1718 in East Caln, Chester County, PA. Death: Feb 1782 in Wrightsboro,GA
Joab Mendenhall: Birth: 15 Dec 1807 in Clinton Co.,OH. Death: 8 May 1856 in Burlington Co.,NJ
John Mendenhall: Birth: 30 Oct 1659 in Mildenhall,Ramsbury,Wiltshire,England.
John Mendenhall: Birth: 3 Jun 1688 in Concord,Chester,PA.
John Mendenhall: Birth: 1714 in Chester Co.,PA.
Keziah Ann Mendenhall: Birth: 14 Feb 1830 in OH.
Mahala Mendenhall: Birth: 9 Apr 1803 in Clinton Co.,OH.
Marmaduke Mendenhall: Birth: 17 Aug 1797 in Columbia County, GA. Death: 11 Apr 1864 in Springfield, Posey County, Indiana
Marmaduke Mendenhall: Birth: 23 Nov 1754 in Bradford, Chester County,PA. Death: 25 Feb 1797 in Wrightsboro, Columbia County, GA
Martha Mendenhall: Birth: 1719 in Concord,Chester,PA.
Mary Catherine Mendenhall: Birth: ABT 1863.
Mary E. Mendenhall: Birth: 18 Oct 1834 in OH.
Mary Mendenhall: Birth: 1712 in Chester Co.,PA.
Mary Mendenhall: Birth: Dec 1815 in Clinton Co.,OH.
Maude Mendenhall: Birth: 18 Apr 1875 in Portland, , In. Death: 8 Mar 1877 in New Carlisle, Clark, Oh
Mordecai Mendenhall: Birth: 1710 in Chester Co.,PA.
Moses Mendenhall: Birth: 1718 in Chester Co.,PA.
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