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a. Note:   0 male, ? ?. Maria, age 38 female, Mary, age 11 female, Joseph C., age 16, male. John F., age 14, male. Charles W., age 14, male. Louis, age 12, male. Francis J., age 1, male. Maria, age 6, female. Harriet S., age 2, female.(Very poor quality, very light.)
  1860 US Census, Ohio, Wayne, Wooster, p 74, 21 June 1860, 497 539. Cyrus Walter, age 26, male, farmer, personal value $700, PA. Mary, age 27, female, PA. John F. Barret, age 23, male, farm hand, RE $150, Personal $480, PA.
  1870 US Census, Ohio, Wayne, Wooster. p 24, 21 Aug 1870. 179 168. Barrett, William D., age 61, male, white, boot & shoe dealer, RE $7000, personal $1850, England. Mariah, age 58, female, white, keeping house, PA. Loisa, age 32, female, white, at home, OH. Francis, age 27, male, white, farming, OH. Mariah, age 25, female, white, school teacher, OH. Elminah, age 18, female, white, at home, OH. Sarah, age 15, female, at home, OH. Walters, Mary, age 37, female, white, widow millanor, PA.
  1880 US Census, Ohio, Wayne, Wooster, p 52, SD 6, ED 240, 16 June 1880. 491 522. Barrett, William D., white, male, age 70, wd, grocer, England England England. Walter, Mary, white, female, age 48, daughter, wd, housekeeper, PA England PA. Barrett, Nilla, white, female, age 26, daughter, single teacher school, OH England, PA. Speelman, Melina, white, female, age 24, daughter, wd, clerk in grocery, OH England PA. Barrett, Frank A., white, male, age 39, son, married, grocer, OH England PA. Barrett, Emma, white, female, age 39, daughter in law, married, PA PA PA. William H., white, male, age 2, grandson, OH OH PA. Ruth, white, female, 8/12, Oct, grand daughter OH OH PA. Sinnott, James W., white, male, age 21, boarder, drives delivery wagon, PA PA PA.
Note:   1850 US Census,, Ohio, Wayne, Wooster, p 72. 16 Aug 1850. 10 10. William D. Barrett, age 4 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.