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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Haskell: Birth: 26 Aug 1644 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  2. Joseph Haskell: Birth: 2 Jun 1646 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  3. Benjamin Haskell: Birth: ABT 1648 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  4. JOHN Haskell: Birth: ABT 1649 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Death: 2 Feb 1718 in Gloucester, Essex, MA

  5. Mary Haskell: Birth: ABT Jun 1651 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  6. Ruth Haskell: Birth: ABT 1654 in Beveryly, Essex, MA.

  7. Mark Haskell: Birth: 8 Apr 1658 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  8. Sarah Haskell: Birth: 28 Jun 1660 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

  9. Elinor Haskell: Birth: 28 May 1663 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

a. Note: WorldConnect Jonathan Clark, Emigrated 1642, Colonial Wars World Connect, David
  Ibid. :?November 8, 1618 is his baptismal date at Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, England. William Haskell, in the company of his brother and sister, Roger and Joan, his step-father and mother, John and Elinor Stone, and perhaps two sons of John Stone's previous marriage, sailed from England probably in the spring of 1635 and settled in the Basse River section (Cape Ann side, now Beverly) of Salem, Massachusetts. "William Haskell undoubtedly lived with his mother Elinor and step-father, John Stone, on the Cape Ann side (now Beverly), at least until the time of his marriage and perhaps periodically for a few years after. The births of his first two and last three children are listed in the Gloucester Vital Records, while the four born between 1646 and 1658 are not recorded and dates of birth have been approximated using later depositions." "According to tradition, William Haskell did not become a permanent resident of Gloucester until circa 1652, when he settled on the westerly side of Walker's Creek on a ten acre lot with house and barn which he bought from joiner Richard Window on 4 August 1652." The date of the property transaction is uncertain and may have occurred as late as 16 June 1663. The William Haskell house still exists, although greatly altered, on Lincoln Road in West Gloucester, MA." (REF: "Haskell Journal: Journal of the Haskell Family Association" v8, #4, 1992.) The following notes about William Haskell are copied from "Ancestry of Bob and Mary Beth Wheeler" published on "William Haskell first appears in Gloucester in 1643; the "History of Gloucester" says he settled at Beverly in 1630. Perhaps he and brother Roger arrived together, Roger having received a grants of land in Beverly in 1636. In 1645 mention is made of William's land at "Planter's Neck," generally known as Squam Point, beginning at the head of Lobster Cove to the short at Ipswich Bay. He either only held this land or lived there off and on for several years, as his first four children were born at Beverly and land transactions there indicate he was a resident at Beverly. He appears to have settled permanently at Gloucester in 1658 on the west side of the Annisquam River where he owned several large lots, including a 20 acre parcel with a house and barn that he purchased in 1652 from Richard Window who'd built it. This is in an area commonly known as West Gloucester.He was a farmer, but likely also participated in the fishing business of Gloucester. He was one of the first deacons of the church at Gloucester, a Selectman for several years, a representative of the General Court 6 times over 20 years. In 1681 he was appointed lieutenant of the "trayned band" (local militia) and afterwards named captain, the title "Captain Haskell" retained until his death. His estate was valued at 437 pounds." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.