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Jane Hall: Birth: 5 Mar 1724 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
JOHN Hall: Birth: 27 Jun 1610 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. Death: 23 Jul 1696 in Dover or Greenland, Rockingham Co., NH
John Hall: Birth: 21 Jul 1645.
Joseph Hall: Birth: 1656.
Joseph Hall: Birth: 3 Jul 1642.
Josiah Hall: Birth: 27 Mar 1738 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
Magdalean Hall
MARY Hall: Birth: 27 Sep 1717 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT. Death: 1779 in Windham, Windham, CT
Mehitable Hall: Birth: 18 Feb 1722 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
Nathaniel Hall: Birth: 8 Feb 1645.
Ralph Hall: Birth: 1655.
Theophilus Hall: Birth: ABT 1685 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA.
Thomas Hall: Birth: 14 Jun 1730 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
William Hall: Birth: 12 Jul 1728 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
WILLIAM Hall: Birth: 5 Jun 1651 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 11 Jun 1727 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT
William Hall: Birth: ABT 1683 in Mansfield, Tolland Co.,CT.
Catharina Hallenbeck: Birth: 5 Nov 1717.
Jannetje Hallenbeck: Birth: Jun 1721.
Jans Jansen Hallenbeck: Birth: 10 May 1696.
Kermit W. Hallenbeck: Birth: 4 Oct 1919 in Athens, Greene, Ny. Death: 23 Jun 1991 in Redlands, Riverside, Ca
Rachael Hallenbeck: Birth: 6 Feb 1697/1698.
Rachel Hallenbeck: Birth: 8 Aug 1719.
Willard Leslie Hallenbeck: Birth: 28 May 1893 in Athens, Greene, Ny. Death: 18 Dec 1982 in Newburgh, Orange, Ny
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Hannah Halsey: Birth: 1774. Death: 1838
Carl LaVerne Hamilton: Birth: 6 Jun 1938 in Hancock,WI. Death: 23 Sep 2001 in Madison,WI
Edith Hamilton: Birth: 19 Sep 1871. Death: 17 Jul 1957 in Springfield, Greene, MO
Mildred Hamilton: Birth: 7 Jul 1883 in Farmington, , Mo.
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Harry James Hamrick: Birth: 2 Oct 1905. Death: 10 Dec 1989 in , Las Vegas, Clark, Nv
Dorothy Irene Hancock: Birth: 1 Aug 1917. Death: 2 Jan 1922
George Hancock: Birth: ABT 1909. Death: ABT 1984
Louise N Hancock: Birth: 1 Aug 1917. Death: 2 Jan 1922
Martha Hancock: Birth: 16 Feb 1808 in Shenandoah Co.,VA. Death: 4 Mar 1875 in Union County, Iowa
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Agnes Handlin: Birth: 12 Mar 1899 in Manhattan, Riley Co.,KS.
Rose Handwork: Birth: 1896. Death: 1988
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Agnes Hankford: Birth: ABT 1380.
CHRISTINE Hankford: Birth: ABT 1405 in Annery, Devonshire, England.
Jane Hankford: Birth: ABT 1379.
Joan Hankford: Birth: ABT 1399.
RICHARD Hankford: Birth: ABT 1375 in Annery, Devonshire, England. Death: 27 Apr 1419
Richard Hankford: Birth: ABT 1397. Death: ABT 1431
WILLIAM Hankford: Birth: ABT 1353 in England. Death: 12 Dec 1423
Peter Hanks III: Birth: 1737. Death: 1830
Absalom Hanks: Death: 1827
Jonathon Hanks: Birth: 1767.
MARGARET Hanks: Birth: ABT 1727 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Death: ABT 1770 in Loudoun County, Virginia
PETER Hanks: Birth: ABT 1685.
Peter Hanks: Death: 1811
Ruth Hanks: Birth: 1782.
Savilla Hanks: Birth: 1787.
WILLIAM Hanks: Birth: 25 Jul 1707 in Maryland. Death: 1770 in Virginia
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Grace Ruth Hanna: Birth: 1 Jul 1899. Death: Nov 1976
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George Christian Hanson: Birth: 14 Nov 1922 in near Laclede,Linn,MO. Death: 12 Nov 1950 in MO
Hans Christian Hanson: Birth: 6 Jul 1885 in near Blairstown,Benton,IA. Death: 5 Jul 1955 in MO
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Adelphe Hardcastle: Birth: 1874.
Verde V. Hardcastle: Birth: 1873.
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Jennie B. Hardy: Birth: Nov 1872 in MI. Death: 1945
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Clara Hargis: Birth: 17 Apr 1887 in IL. Death: 27 May 1946 in Los Angeles Co.,CA
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HENRY Harington: Birth: 1541. Death: 1612 in Leicestershire, England
JAMES Harington: Birth: ABT 1511 in Exton, Rutlandshire, England. Death: Jan 1592 in Exton, Rutlandshire, England
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Ezekiel Harlan: Birth: 16 Jul 1679 in County Down, Ireland. Death: 1730/1731
William Harlan: Birth: 1 Sep 1702.
Mary Isabel Harland: Birth: 7 Oct 1845 in Table Grove, , Il. Death: 13 Apr 1919
Arthur Harlow: Birth: ABT 1882 in Canada. Death: 14 Aug 1933 in Astoria,Clatsop County, Oregon
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Hermentje Harmens-Hermens: Birth: 2 Sep 1642 in Flatbush,Kings,NY.
Annetje Hans Harmenson: Birth: ABT 1674 in New Utrecht,Kings,NY. Death: By Oct 1700
Hans Harmenson: Birth: in New Utrecht,Kings,NY. Death: 26 Oct 1700 in Constable's Hook,NJ
Michael Ernst Harness: Birth: 1 Jan 1700 in Baden, Germany. Death: Mar 1785 in Hampshire Co.,VA
George Harper: Birth: ABT 1775.
Nancy Harper: Death: 27 Jun 1865 in Venango, Pa
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