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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hugh O'Neil: Birth: 20 May 1895 in , , Il. Death: 23 May 1970 in Kenney, Dewitt, Il

  2. Isabella O'Neil: Birth: 11 Oct 1897 in , , Il. Death: 23 Jan 1899

  3. Barney O'Neil: Birth: 7 Nov 1899 in Creek Twp., De Witt, Il. Death: BEF 1904 in , , Il

Marriage: Children:
  1. Marie Trobaugh: Birth: 25 Feb 1916 in Decatur, Macon County, Illinois. Death: 20 Oct 2002 in Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois

a. Note:   mer England England England. Mary w f 55 wife m housekeeping IN PA PA> George w m 21 son s farm labor IL England IN. Hinkle, Abraham w m 30 son-in-law IN IN IN Cannot read or write. Hinkle, Ellen w f 21 dau m housework IN England IN Cannot read or write. Hinkle, Henry w m 5 g-son s IL IN IN. Hinkle, Henrietta w f 4 G-Daughter s IL IN IN. Hinkle, Johnw f 5/12 G-Son s IL IN IN.
  1900 US Census, Illinois, DeWitt, Creek Twp, ED 38, SH 6, 15 Jun 1900, L 14, 114/114. O'Neal, Hugh, head w m b June 1871, age 28 marr 4 yrs IL, section hand, rents house. Ettie, wife, w f b Apr 1877 age 23 marr 4 yrs, 3 births, 2 living, IL. Hugh, son, w m b May 1895, age 5 IL. Barney, son, w m b Nov 1900 age 8mos IL.
  1910 US Census Illinois, Dewitt, Clintonia Twp Clinton City DS 10 ED 72 Sheet 9A. N. Waters 212 171 176 Tranbaugh James C. ehad m w 34 m 9 xx IL IL OH xxx foreman, steam railroad w no o yes yes. Etta wife f w 33 m2 xxx IL IN IN xxx housekeeper yes yes. O'Neil Hugh Stepson m w 14 xxxx IL IL IL xxx yes yes yes.
  1920 US Census Illinois, Dewitt, Clintonia Twp, Clinton City SD 11 ED 88 Sheet 11B. N. Waters 210 238 263 Trobaugh, James head o m m w 42 m xxxx yes yes IL IL IL yes Engineer, locomotive w. Sheet 12A. Troubaugh, Etta wife xx f w 40 m xxxx yes yes IL IL OH. O'Neil son xx m w 24 s xxxx yes yes IL IL IL yes fire builder, R R Shop w. Marie dau xx f w 3 10/12 s xxxxxx IL IL IL.
  1930 US Census Illinois, Dewitt, Clintonia Twp, Clinton City. ED 20-4 SD 19 Sheet 4A. E. Main St. 519 92 109 Trobaugh, James C. head o $7000 r no m w 52 m 27 no yes IL IL IL yes Locomotive engineer, steam road x w yes x no. Etta wife xxx no f w 49 m 24 no yes IL IL IL. Marie dau xxx no f w 14 s x yes yes IL IL IL.
  Divorced before 1904.
  From a newspaper clipping "Mrs. Etta O'Neil of Lane was granted a divorce on default of defendant, her husband. Mrs. O'Neil will have custody of one child." No date shown, have copy.
  Surname and marriage date supplied by DeWitt Co., Gen Soc. Jul 1993. Decatur gen Soc Research Committee 4 Aug 1993. "Ettie Hinkle 26, b DeWitt Co., Il. dau of Abraham Hinkle and Harriet E. Tucker (First marriage of both) not recorded until 14 May 1896."
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