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a. Note: World Tree Project Jan 2007 1900 US Census Kansas, Barton, Pawnee Rock, SD 7, Ed 27, Sheet 5B, 13 June 1900. 80 84. Nichols, Tobias p., head, white, male, July 1862, age 37, married 6 yrs, Russia Russia Russia, merchant. Lucy, wife, white, female, Feb 1870, age 30, married 6 yrs, 4 births, 3 living, IL IL IL. Zella, daughter, white, female, July 1895, age 4, single, KS Russia IL. Lois, daughter, white, female, Nov 1896, age 3, single, KS Russia IL. Dale, son, white, male, Dec 1899, age 6/12, single, KS Russia IL.
  1910 US Census Kansas, Barton, Pawnee Rock. SD 7, ED 18, Sheet 5A, 25 April 1910. 3 3. Nichols, Tobias P., head, male, white, age 47, married once for 16 yrs, Russ-German, Russ-German, Russ-German, merchant, Gen. Mdse. Lucy, wife, female, white, age 40, married once for 16 yrs, 5 births, 4 living IL IL IL. Zella, daughter, female, white, age 14, single, KS Russ-German IL. Lois, daughter, female, white, age 13, single KS Russ-German IL. Dale, son, male, white, age 9, single, KS Russ-German IL. Ralph, son, male, white, age 7, single, KS Russ-German IL.
  1920 US Census Kansas, Barton, Pawnee Rock, SD 7, Ed 25, Sheet 4A, 23 & 24 January 1920. 65 65. Nichols, Tobias P., head, own home free, male, white, age 57, married, immigrated 1974, naturalized 1906, Poland/Russia, German language, Poland/Russia, Poland/Russia, farmer, general farm. Lucy, wife, female, white,a ge 49 married, IL IL IL. Lois, daughter, female, white age 23, single, KS Poland/Russia IL, school teacher, high school. Dale, son, male, white, age 20, single, KS Poland/Russia IL, farm laborer, home farm. Ralph, son, male, white, age 17, single, KS Poland/Russia, IL. California Death Index, 1940-1997 Name: Lois Eva Smith Social Security #: 567323066 Sex: FEMALE Birth Date: 21 Nov 1896 Birthplace: Kansas Death Date: 17 Feb 1986 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: Foster
  Social Security Death Index Name: Lois Smith SSN: 567-78-5338 Last Residence: 90601 Whittier, Los Angeles, California, United States of America Born: 21 Nov 1896 Died: Feb 1986 State (Year) SSN issued: California (1965) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.