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Marriage: Children:
  1. ANNA SOPHIA Kapp-kopf: Birth: 13 Oct 1695 in , , , Germany. Death: 10 Mar 1771 in Tulpehocken, , Pa

  2. Elizabeth Magdalena Kapp-Kopf: Birth: 1697 in Germany. Death: Sep 1760

a. Note:   r,NY,NY. Crilly Butler, Jr. [email protected] Event: Migrated BET 1723 AND 1725 Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA Immigration: 15 JUL 1709 Sailed from Rotterdam to England Immigration: APR 1710 Sailed from England to New York Event: Arrived BET JUN AND JUL 1710 New York Residence: 1711 Hayesbury Camp on the East bank of the Hudson River, NY NATU: 11 OCT 1715 British citizen at Albany, NY | Title: Three Rivers - Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration Repository: Call Number: Media: Book Page: Text: This list was compiled from the "journal" of Palatine debtors to the British government for subsistence given either in New York City or in the Hudson River settlements, from their landing in 1710 to September, 1712. The list was found in the Public Record Office, C. O. 5/1230 and was corrected from the accompanying "ledger," C. O. 5/1231. As it seemed advisable to include some indication of the number in each family and since limitations of space forbade the inclusion of the six notations at various times given in the journal, only two notations have been given here, that is, the first in 1710 usually and the last in 1712 normally. Thus, with "Abelman, Johann Peter 2-1, 2-0," the size of the family signified is two adults and one child under ten years of age; by 1712 the child had died for we have noted only two adults. All children over ten years of age were given the full allowance for adults and were therefore not distinguished from more mature members of the family. Where only one notation of family size appears, the presumption is of death, or in the case of women, of marriage. | Kopff, Jacob 1-0, 6-0 Kabsin, Anna Sibilla (Anna Sybilla) 1-0, 1-0
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