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a. Note:   eeting (abstracted by Gilbert Cope. p. 9. Chandler, George and wife Jane. Childre: Jane, m. Robert Jefferis; George, m. Ruth Bezer; Swithin, b. 1674.6.24, m. Ann --; Thomas, m. Mary --; Charity, unm; William, m. Ann (Bowater?); Ann, m. Sam Robbins of Philadelphia. Our Family Ancestors, p 134. Author: Thomas Maxwell Potts, 1895 Part 1. Chapter XX. The Bezer Family. Children of Edward and Ann (Fry) Bezer 1 Elizabeth Bezer, (165), b. 4 mo 21, 1666; m. William Clayton, (164). See Ante pp. 119-121 2 Edward Bezer, b. 1 mo 1, 1666/7; m. Jeane Collett, about 9 mo 13, 1697 3 Sarah Bezer, b 5 mo 17, 1674; m. William Hews, Jr., and had a son William and possible other children. 4 Ruth Bezer, b 7 mo. 5, 1676; m. George Chandler, Jr., about 1698, and had children, 1 George, 2 Ruth, 3 John, 4 Isaac, and 5 Rachel. 5 Frances Bezer, m. John Pennock, about 1696
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