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Marriage: Children:
  1. Minnie Goodwin: Birth: 19 Mar 1888 in Pratt,Pratt,KS.

  2. May Della Goodwin: Birth: 17 Aug 1889 in Pratt,Pratt,KS. Death: 1922 in Kansas

  3. Grace Pearl Goodwin: Birth: 10 May 1892 in Pratt,Pratt,KS. Death: 27 Nov 1954 in Los Angeles County, California

  4. Alta Aldean Goodwin: Birth: 15 Jun 1894 in Cleo Springs, Major, Ok. Death: 9 Dec 1976 in Hutchinson, Reno, Ks

  5. Gertrude Florence Goodwin: Birth: 27 Mar 1896 in Hutchinson,Reno,KS.

  6. Charles Berton Mahlon Goodwin: Birth: 28 Feb 1899 in Hutchinson,Reno,KS. Death: 28 Nov 1971 in Terry Co, Texas

  1. Edith Goodwin: Birth: ABT 1901 in Kansas.

  2. Charles Theodore Goodwin: Birth: 15 Apr 1903 in Kansas. Death: 16 Jun 1940

a. Note:   All info per WorldConnect Elmer R. Nelson [email protected] 1880 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Albion. P 13, SD 2, ED 294. 16 June 1880. 44 67. Goodwin, Wesley, white, male, age 49, married, farmer, IN KY KY. Catherine, white, female, age 43, wife,married, keeping house, IN KY KY. Agness J., white, female, age 14, daughter, single, IN IN IN. Charles B., white, male, age 12, son, single, IN IN IN.
  1900 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson. SD 7, Ed 203, Sheet 17B, 12 June 1900. 718 13th St. West. 370 386. Goodwin, Charles, head, white, male, Aug 1867, age 32, wd, IN unk unk, day laborer. May D., daughter, white, female, Aug 1890, age 9, single, KS IN IA. Grace P., daughter, white, female, May 1892, age 8, single, KS IN IA. Alta A., daughter, white, female, June 1894, age 5, single, KS IN IA. Gertrude F., daughter, white, female, Mch 1896, age 4, single, KS IN IA. Charles B., son, white, male, Feb 1899, age 1, single, KS IN IA.
  1910 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Sylvia. SD 7, Ed 154, Sheet 5A. 12-13 May 1910. Goodwin, Charles B., head, male, white, age 42, widowed, KY Ireland US, contractor, cement. Alta, daughter, female, white, age 15, single, OK KY IN. Gertrude, daughter, female, white, age 14, single, KS KY IN. Edith, daughter, female, white, age 9, single, KS KY KS Charlie, son, male, white, age 7, single, KS KY KS.
  1920 US Census Kansas, Reno County, Hutchinson. SD 7, ED 168, Sheet 19B. 14 January 1920. 417 North Madison Street. 432 497. Goodwin, Charles B., head, own home, no mortgage, male, white, age 52 (1868), married, KY Ireland Wales, foreman, railroad company. Elsie A., wife, female, white, age 53(1867), married, MI OH PA. Charles Jr., son, male, white, age 16 (1904), single, KS KY MI. Yeager, Philip, stepson, male, white, age 15 (1905), single, KS OH MI. Yeager, Oneida, stepdaughter, female, white, age 13 (1907), single, KS OH MI.
  1925 Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925 about Charles Goodwin Line: 14 Roll: KS1925_124. Rt 1, 110, 138, 141. Goodwin, Charles, head, own home morgaged, male, white, age 57, married, Kentucky, Ind. farmer, small farm. Elsie, wife, female, white, age 58, married, Mich., Mo. Charlie, son, male, white, age 21, single, Kans., laborer, bakery. Teager, Onedia, step d'ter, female, married, age 18, single, Kans. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.