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a. Note:   ad w m Dec 1860 39 s xxx IL NC OH farming o x yes yes yes r x f. Andrew father w m Oct 1823 76 m 50 xx NC PA PA farming xx yes yes yes. Martha mother w f Dec 1830 69 m 50 12- 5 (Children) OH PA PA yes yes yes. Huffine, Minnie sister w f Aug 1875 24 m 5 4-2 IL NC OH housekeeping yes yes yes. Huffine, Guy L. nephew w m Oct 1895 4 s xxx IL IL IL. Huffine, no name nephew w m Apr 1900 2/12 s xxx IL IL IL.
  1910 US Census Oklahoma, Jefferson Co, Bourland Twp, Hastins Town SD 5 Ed 149 Sheet 8A 21 Apr 1910. 139 140 Huffine, Harris B. head m w 46 m1 16 xx IL NY OH English Collector, own ACA x ? o yes yes x r. Minnie wife f w 36 m1 16 7-4 xx IL NC OH English yes yes. Guy son m w 14 xxxx IL IL IL English yes yes yes. chaucy son m w 9 xxxx IL IL IL English yes yes yes. Roger son m w 6 xxxx KS IL IL xx yes. Madeline dau f w 4 xxxx KS IL IL.
  1920 US Census Kansas, Sedgwick, Wichita SD 8 Ed 146 Sheet 3B 4th Precinct. 3 Jan 1920 North Market Street. 1616 65 68 Huffine, Harris head ? x m w 55 m xxxx yes yes IL IL IL yes car inspector, railroad w. Minnie wife xx f w 45 m xxxx yes yes IL IL IL. Guy L. son xx m w 24 s xxxx yes yes IL IL IL yes carpenter,house w. Chaucy son xx m w 21 s xxxx yes yes IL IL IL yes Bookkeeper,Standard Oil w. Roger son xx m w 16 s xxx yes yes yes IL IL IL yes. Madeline dau xx f w 13 s xxx yes yes yes KS IL IL yes.
Note:   1900 US Census Illinois, DeWitt, Creek Twp. SD 7 ED 38 Sheet 7B 18 Jun 1900. Rose, Wesley eh is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.