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Marriage: Children:
  1. Eliza Mary Haime: Birth: 12 Mar 1842 in England. Death: 25 Mar 1844 in England

  2. Edwin Charles Haime: Birth: 22 Jul 1847 in East Lulworth,Dorset,England. Death: 6 Jan 1936 in Rockford,Winnebago,IL

  3. Alfred Joseph Haime: Birth: 14 Jul 1849 in East Lulworth,Dorset,England. Death: 3 Feb 1932 in Rockford,Winnebago,IL

  4. Walter William Haime: Birth: 14 Jul 1851 in East Lulworth,Dorset,England. Death: 28 Mar 1931 in Azusa, Los Angeles Co.,CA

  5. Austin Haime: Birth: 22 Aug 1853 in East Lulworth,Dorset,England.

  6. Norbert Joseph Haime: Birth: 6 Oct 1855 in East Lulworth,Dorset,England. Death: 29 Aug 1941 in Rockford,Winnebago,IL

a. Note:   h sons in 1857, settled in Rockford, IL. b 1811
723 North Madison Rockford, IL
1860 US Census Illinois, Winnebago Co., Rockford. p 300 30 Jul 1860 2160 2174. William Haime, age 49, male, stone mason, no RE value, personal value $200, born England. Mary age 47, female, born England. Edwin, age 13, male, born England, at schl. Alfred, age 11, male, born England, at schl. Walter, age 9, male, born England, at schl. Austin, age 6, male, born England, at schl. Norbert, age 4, male, born England, at schl.
1870 US Census Illinois, Winnebago, Co., Rockford, p 37, 12 Aug 1870. 286 301. Hame (indexed as Home), William, age 56, male, white, brickman, R.E. $1200, Personal value $150 born England. Mary, age 54, female, white, housekeeper, born England. Alfred, age 21, male, white, iron molder, born England. Walter, age 19, male, white, born England. Austin, age 16, male, white, born England, at schl. Norbert, age 14, male, white, born England, at schl.
1880 US Census Illinois, Winnebago Co., Rockford. p 4, SD 2, ED 227. 1 June 1880. 607 North Main, 28 29. Haime, William, white, male, age 67, married, stone mason, born England, father born England, mother born England. Mary, white, female age 66, wife, married, keeping house, born England, father born England, mother born England. Austin, white, male, age 20, son, single, night watchman, born England, father born England, mother born England.
Judy Nichols. b 25 Apr 1811 East Lulworth,Dorset,England; died 18 Jan 1899 Rockford,IL; buried St. James/St Marys Catholic Cemetery,Rockford,IL; married 28 Apr 1841 East Lulworth,Dorset,England.
All of the following notes were received from Judy Nichols, 1426 Hackett Street, Beloit, WI 53511, obtained in 1960's - 1980. May 2007. William was christened on April 28, 1811, at the Catholic Chapel at East Lulworth, Dorset England. The Chapel was built to look like a mausoleum during the reformation period, and sits in a grove of trees behind Lulworth Castle. The family came to America in June of 1857. William and Mary lived at 723 N. Madison, in Rockford, Illinois. "The William Haime property and house and lot at 623 N. Madison Street was sold by the master in Chancery Marsh this afternoon. F. Crotty bid in the property at $63.00* (?). Lived at 723 North Madison, remaining there until 1895. He then made his home with his son. William is buried in the West Side Cemetery in Rockford, Illinois. *$6300.00 | Became citizen of U.S., 3 May 1882 in Circuit Court of the County of Winnebago, Il. | HAS PASSED BEYOND -SPIRIT OF WILLIAM HAIME CALLED TO OTHER SHORE... Had been a resident of Rockford for over 40 years - Death the result of old age rather than diesease - a Good Man Gone.. Wm. Haime, for more than 40 years prominently associated with the affairs of East Rockford, passed away this morning at the home of his son Edwin on Jefferson Street, at the advanced age of 88 years. His name and face have been familiar to almost everyone in East Rockford, especially during the last few years when he has been retired from active business and has been often seen in places and occasions where men of mature years are wont to gather and talk over the affairs and events of the early days. By occupation, Mr. Haime was a stone mason and during his early residence in Rockford plied his trade diligently with the result in that he had a comfortable competency for the declining years of his life. He was a reliable, and trust-worthy man so much work of an exacting nature was often entrusted to him. The decendent was born in East Lulworth, England, April 28, 1811. Exactly 30 years from that date he united in marriage to Miss Mary Cope who entered into eternal rest in 1888. In June 1857, Mr and Mrs Haime with their family of five sons crossed the ocean to American (sic) coming directly to Rockford. They went to housekeeping at 723 North Madison Street, where they resided until the death of the wife in '88. Even then Mr. Haime did not leave the home, remaining there until 1895, when, on account of his advanced age he gave it up to make his home with his son. He was of temperate habits and had never known sickness until a few days before his death. The family physician stated his demise to be due to old age rahter than disease. Of the family of five sons, all are living, Edwin, Walter, and Norbert reside in this city; Austin at Seattle, Wash., and Alfred at Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. Of his father's family all are dead, an older brother John, dying three years ago at the age of 88 years. The funeral services will be held on Saturday morning from St James Catholic Church. Rev. Fr. Flaherty will celebrate high mass. The interment will be in the West Side cemetery. | PHYSICIAN'S CERTIFICATE OF DEATH NO. 164 State of Illinois, Winnebago County, City of Rockford, Illinois, State Board of Health Name: William Haime age: 87 years date of death: January 19, 1899 at 3:30 am - windower Nationality and place where born: English, England How long resident in this state: 41 years Cause of death: old age Place and date of burial: St James Cemetery, January 21, 1899 Name and place of undertaker: P. Bradley, 113 West State St. Rockford, IL. F.T. Kimball M.D. | LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION STATE OF ILLINOIS Winnebago County ss. The People of the State of Illinois, to all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: KNOW YE, that whereas WILLIAM HAIME of the County of Winnebago, and State of Illinois, died intestate, as it is said, on or about the 19th day of January A.D. 1899, having at the time of his decease, personal property in this State, which may be lost, destroyed, or diminished in value, if speedy care be not taken of the same. TO THE END, THEREFORE, That said property may be collected and preserved for those who shall appear to have a legal right or interest therein, we do hereby appoint EDWIN C. HAIME of the County of Winnebago and State of Illinois, Administrator of all and singular, the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which were of the said WILLIAM HAIME at the time of his decease, with full power and authority to secure and collect the said property and debts, wheresoever the same may be found in this State, and in general to do and perform all other acts which now are, or hereafter may be required of him by law. WITNESS; Marcus A Norton, Clerk of the County Court, in and for the said County of Winnebago at his office in Rockford, this 6th day of October A.D. 1900 and the Seal of said Court hereunto fixed by: Marcus A. Norton, Clerk of County Court by Samuel Norton, Deputy | Index to Death Records, Winnebago Co., Illinois date: 1/19/1899 reel: 0043 image: 0164 | THIS INDENTURE, made this 15th day of February A.D. One Thouseand Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight between WILLIAM HAIME (widower) of the City of Rockford, County of Winnebago and State of Illinois part of the first part, and EDWIN C. HAIME, of the City of Rockford, County of Winnebago, and State of Illinois, party of the second part, WITNESSETH: That said party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of ($1.00) One Dollar and other valuable considerations to him in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained, sold, conveyed and confirmed, and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell, convey, and confirm, unto said party of the second part, and his heirs and assigns FOREVER all that parcel of land, described as follows to wit: Fractional lot Five (5) in fractional Block Twenty two (22) of the original plat of the City of Rockford, east of Rock River. Also fractional lot Sixteen (16) in Block Twenty two (22) of the Dunbar Addition to the city Rockford east of Rock River. (Subject, however, to all legal highways upon or across said premises), situate in the City of Rockford County of Winnebago and State of Illinois; Hereby releasing and waiving all rights under andy by virtue of the Homestead Exemption Laws of the State. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD THE SAME, with appurtenances, unto said party of the sedond part, his heirs and assigns forever. AND SAID PARTY OF THE FIRST PART for himself and his heirs, executors, and administrators, does covenant and agree, to and with said party of the second part, his defeasible inheritance in the law, in fee simple, and that the same are clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances whatsoever, and of all taxes and assessments for the present and past years, and that he will FOREVER WARRENT AND DEFEND THE SAME. IN WITNESS HEREOF, said party of the first part has hereunto set his hand and seal on the day and year first above written. EXECUTED IN PRESENCE OF Mrs. J.R. Brown Minnie Haime signed WILLIAM HAIME
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