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  1. JOHN McCuiston: Birth: ABT 1674 in Parish Dungiven,Londonderry,County Derry,Ireland. Death: ABT 1715 in Londonderry,County Derry,Ireland

a. Note:   e account of the siege of Londonderry Military Service 1689 Battle of Londonderry, Ireland.'
Isle of Skye MacDonald Castle Dunscaith, shown above, was the home of the McQuiston family at least by 1469, when Uisdean MacDonald (known historically as Hugh of Sleat) received official confirmation of his title to the peninsula of Sleat on the Isle of Skye, which is located off the western coast of Scotland. However, he initially received a grant to Sleat as early as 1449 and in 1461 he signed a charter for his brother John, last Celtic Lord of the Isles, as Hugh of Sleat. His first son, also named John, was born in or just before 1460, and a second son, Donald, was on his way within that same year. Uisdean's first four sons are recorded as MacUisdeans. This family name has developed into many different spellings over the last 550 years. The year 1460 is the most likely birth year of the name, and Dunscaith Castle is the most likely place where that birth happened. I have been researching this family's history for a few decades and have been online with it since 1996. This website contains the most comprehensive history of the McQuiston family (with all its spellings) that has ever been or will likely ever be written. Click on the castle drawing to enter the website . . . and enjoy. | Castle Dunscaith is the place where Clan Uisdean, and our name, was born. It was found, in the earliest of Celtic legends, as home to a tribe a female Amazonian warriors. The legendary Irish hero, Cuchullin, studied, here, the art of war. The Cullin mountains that surround the castle were named for him. Dunscaith became the home to Clan Uisdean when Hugh of Sleat, progenitor of our name, began using it as his home-base sometime around 1469. His son, and generations after, continued to use it right up to the end of the original Clan Uisdean, about 1616. The first Scottish record of the castle name was recorded when Hugh's first son, John Makhuchone, is found selling the castle. In the next posting I will discuss John Makhuchone, Dunscaith Castle and other early members of the family, in great detail. | Jim McQuiston "Hugh of Sleat (died 1498) was an illegitimate son[1] of Alexander MacDonald, 10th Earl of Ross 10th_Earl_of_Ross and Lord of the Isles . Hugh was known as Uisdean in Gaelic[2], and from him came the family McUisdean [3][4][5] Hugh was a member of the Highland and Island Clan Donald . Hugh's clan would become known as Clan Uisdean, Clan Donald North , and Clan Macdonald of Sleat ; while the McDonnells of County Antrim , Ireland were known as Clan Donald South . Hugh was most likely born in 1436, when his father married his mother, the daughter of Gillepatrick Roy, son of Rory, son of the Green Abbot of Applecross , of the O'Bealon family, former Earls of Ross . The O'Bealon family also has been known as Ross and Rose, and has connections to the Leslie family through marriage. | From Hugh's line came Captain Jack McQuesten, Father of Alaska, Father of the Yukon . Jack was a principal grubstaker for hundreds of Yukon gold miners. He was a friend of the great American author, Jack London; he helped the Smithsonian collect rare samples of animals from Alaska; he was considered the expert on the border between Alaska and the Yukon Territory; and there is some evidence that Yukon Jack whiskey is named for him. Hugh's descendants also played a substantial role in the American Revolutionary War. James McQuiston was a "spy on the western frontier" of Pennsylvania, for the Colonial Army. His first cousin, Thomas, fought at the first battle of the Revolution, at Alamance County, North Carolina , in 1771. Thomas and his family fought at the last big battle of the Revolution, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse , (also in North Carolina) where one quarter of Cornwallis's crack troops were decimated. Cornwallis took over the McCuistion homestead as his headquarters, just before the battle, as indicated in his own tactical log of the campaign. There is also evidence that President Andrew Jackson may have had connections to Hugh of Sleat's family through his mother's Hutchinson name, and through his likely great grandmother, Jean McCuistion. Jackson also has another Clan Donald name in his lineage, that of Mary McRandall, so it seems without a doubt that he was of Clan Donald in one way or another. His best friend and protege, Sam Houston , was also very likely of Hugh of Sleat's family, as perhaps was Stephen F. Austin., another great Texas hero. Robert McCuistion, son of Thomas, was the first financier of Texas, giving Sam Houston a McCuistion family treasure worth approximately $25,000, in the money of the day, in return for 10,000 acres (40 kmĀ²) of Texas, the deed for which still exists. His Sleat land was in the hands of the McDonalds of Sleat line until 1971, approximately 522 years. The Clan Donald Center on Skye still stands on Sleat land." Sleat = Slate
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