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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward Bezer: Birth: 1 Jan 1666/1667 in England.

  2. Elizabeth Bezer: Birth: 21 Apr 1666 in England.

  3. Sarah Bezer: Birth: 17 May 1674 in England.

  4. Ruth Bezer: Birth: 5 Jul 1676 in England.

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a. Note:   Rootsweb WorldConnect Lyn Smith Pennsylvania's 1683 Ships and Some of Their Passengers, p 93. …..reciting a letter of William Coole of Devizes to his sister Sarah, widow of William Bezer, dated 24 12m 1683 [/4]. In this letter it is implied that Gibbon, Robert Pyle and Edward Beazer all came to Pennsylvania together.
  66. Edward Beazer, mason and carpenter from Rowde, Wiltshire, F.P. of 500 acres and brother of John Beazer who had come on the Bristol Factor in 1681, for whom see PGM, XXIII, 32, was granted a warrant for his 500 acres 12 8m 1683, which was laid out in Bethel Twp. Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, III, 103; Smith, Delaware County, 446. Dying in 1688, Edward Beazer left a widow Ann and orphan children, either seven or eight in number, the eldest of which was Edward, Jr. Chester Court Records, 169, 196, 223, 229. A servant, James Hayward, probably had emigrated with the family in 1683. Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, XIX, 610.
  NOTE: May not be this person. Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825 Name: William Bezer Description: Heir Date: 31 Jan 1757 Prove Date: 7 Feb 1757 Book Page: D:71 Remarks: Richard Bezer of Chichester. Yeoman. Jan 31, 1757. February 7, 1757. D:71. To Jacob, son of Nathaniel Lamplugh deceased, £5. To William, son of Jacob Lamplugh deceased, £80 and household goods. To Samuel, son of Jacob Lamplugh £30. To John, son of Nathaniel Lamplugh £40 and to the three daughters of said Nathaniel, Mary, Susanna and Martha £20 to be divided. To the 2 sons and 2 daughters of Tobias Hendricks, late of York County, deceased, £100 to be divided. To Thomas and Isaac, the 2 eldest sons of Thomas Hollingsworth of Christiana Hundred, deceased, £50 each and to his 2 youngest sons £40 each and to Judith his daughter £40. To Abigail, widow of Nathaniel Lamplugh, and her son William, Mary, widow of Jacob Lamplugh, and her youngest son John 1 shilling each. To John and William, sons of Edward Bezer £20 each. To Ruth, widow of George Chandler, and her daughter Ruth £15 to be divided. To Friends of Chichester meeting £5. To William, son of Jacob Lamplugh, the messuage whereon I live. Remainder of real estate to be sold. Executors: Cousin Judith Hollingsworth and her sons Thomas and Isaac. Letters to Thomas and Isaac, the mother renouncing. Our Family Ancestors Author: Thomas Maxwell Potts, 1895 Part 1. Chapter XX. The Bezer Family. p 127. The Bezer Family Children of Edward (?) and Jean Bezer I John bezer, d 1684; m Susanna II William Bezer d abt 1683; m Sarah Coole III Edward Bezer, (330), d 1688; m Ann Fry, (331) IV Frances Bezer, m. Edward Brown, 1 mo 25, 1667, and seems to have remained in England. V Elizabeth Bezer, of Marlborough, who married John Mason, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, 5 mo 9, 1682, may also have been a daughter.
  Ibid. p. 132. III Edward Bezer, (330), was doubtless a native of County Wilts, England, Wiltshire Friends records contain entries of his marriage, and births of four of their childre. Edward Bezer, of Cannings, and Ann Fry, of blackland,w ere married 8 mo. 28, 1664. Their residence at the birth of their first two children is given as Bishops Cannings, and at the birth of the second two as Rowde, which is a few miles distant. They removed to Pennsylvania about 1683, and in 1686 settled in Bethel township, Chester county. In an early list of landowners of Chester county, Edward Bezer is set down as the owere of two 500 acres tracts. He was by trade a mason, and in religion a consistent member of the Society of Friends. In accordance with a late order that Friends should produce certificates, Edward Bezer (& Robert Pyle) "give this meeting satisfaction by a Sertificate & testimony of friends of their honest conversation from whence they came," at Concord Monthy Meeting, 10 mo. 12, 1687. Meetings were sometimes held at his house in Bethel. Edward Bezer died in 1688. The Court records show that his estate amounted to £339:5:9. After deducting debts and widow's third, there remained a balance of £161:12:5, which was divided into eight shares. As the eldest son received two shares, it would appear that there were seven children. A memorandum of John Taylor, surveyor, etc., shows that Elizabeth Clayton, William Hewes and wife, the heirs of John and ffrances Pennock, and the Grists [Griests] released some land to Edward Bezer, but no date is given. George Griest, of bethel, conveyed to Edward Pennock, 33 1/3 acres in Bethel, part of Bezer's 500 acre tract, June 8, 1696. Perhaps a daughter had married to a Griest. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.