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Marriage: Children:
  1. Susanna Bezer: Birth: ABT 1669/1670.

  2. Richard Bezer: Birth: ABT 1676. Death: ABT 1757

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a. Note:   Rootsweb WorldConnect Lyn Smith Pennsylvania's 1683 Ships and Some of Their Passengers, p 93. …..reciting a letter of William Coole of Devizes to his sister Sarah, widow of William Bezer, dated 24 12m 1683 [/4]. In this letter it is implied that Gibbon, Robert Pyle and Edward Beazer all came to Pennsylvania together.
  66. Edward Beazer, mason and carpenter from Rowde, Wiltshire, F.P. of 500 acres and brother of John Beazer who had come on the Bristol Factor in 1681, for whom see PGM, XXIII, 32.... Our Family Ancestors Author: Thomas Maxwell Potts, 1895 Part 1. Chapter XX. The Bezer Family. p 127. The Bezer Family Children of Edward (?) and Jean Bezer I John bezer, d 1684; m Susanna II William Bezer d abt 1683; m Sarah Coole III Edward Bezer, (330), d 1688; m Ann Fry, (331) IV Frances Bezer, m. Edward Brown, 1 mo 25, 1667, and seems to have remained in England. V Elizabeth Bezer, of Marlborough, who married John Mason, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, 5 mo 9, 1682, may also have been a daughter.
  Ibid. p 128. I. John Bezer, of Bishops Cannings, Wilshire, was an energetic, earnest man, and an acceptable minister among Friends. He seems to have lived up to his religious profession. Like many others he suffered for conscience sake. In the year 1658 he, with others, was committed to prison by Thomas Bayley, Mayor of Marlborough, "for speaking several Times in the Steeple-house there: * * * there whipt and afterward sent out of the Town by a back-way privately."* In the year 1660, he was again cast into prison and kept there for many weeks.+ John Bezer was one of the Commissioners appointed by William Penn to lay out the city of Philadelphia, and in consequence came to Pennsylvania before the Proprietary made his first visit in 1682. Before leaving England his business was that of a malster. After coming to Pennsylvania he settled at Marcus Hook, Chester county, on the Delaware river. His wife's name was Susanna, whose maiden name was possible, Withers, as in letters of William Hitchcock, she is spoken of as sister of John Withers. In 1887, the family Bible of the Bezers, printed in 1551, was in possession of James Phillips, of Marcus Hook, whose wife was Eliza Lamplugh, a direct descendant of John and Susanna Bezer. It contains an entry of the date of their arrival, which though almost illegible, seems to be 12 mo 2, 1682-3. If this date [p 129] be correct, then the family arrived a few months later than has hertofore been supposed. The names of the children of John and Susanna are given as Susanna, Frances, John and Richard. Susanna, the daughter, was thirteen years of age at the time of their arrival. John Bezer died between the 13th and 25th of the 7th Month, (Sept), 1684, when guardians were appointed for their son Richard, who appears to have become of age in 1697. The will of John Bezer, made 7 mo. 13, 1684, and proven 7 mo. 25, 1684, is on record at Philadelphia, in Will-Book A, at page 18, and is the 14th will recorded in the Register's Office of that city. He bequeathes his entire estate, both in Pennsylvania and England, to his wife Susanna, during her natural life, and at her death the property was to be distributed among his two sons and two daughters, whose names he does not mention. William Hitchcock of Wiltshire, and John Harding of Chichester, were concerned in the collection of rents in England, for Susanna Bezer. * See Besse's Suffering of friends, Vol. 2, Chap. II, p. 39 + See Ibid, p. 40.
  Ibid. p 130. Children of John and Susanna Bezer 1 Susanna Bezer, b, about 1669 or '70; m. Nathaniel Lamplugh or Lamply, 1686. 2 Frances Bezer, m. John Hendrickson, 1694. 3 John Bezer, m. 1st, Esther Whitehead, 1695; and 2d, Jane Cummings, 1746. Left no issue. 4 Richard Bezer, b. about 1676; d 2 mo., 1757, unmarried. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.