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  1. SWITHIN Chandler: Birth: 6 Sep 1674 in Oare,Wilcot,Wiltshire,England. Death: 1742 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co., DE

  2. Jane Chandler: Birth: 9 Jul 1676.

  3. George Chandler: Death: 1715

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  5. Thomas Chandler: Death: 1780/1782 in Christiana Hundred,DE

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a. Note:   Rootsweb WorldConnect Lyn Smith Family History: Pennsylvania Genealogies #1 Listed in: Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families Page number: 172-4 - written by Gilbert Cope: listing George's children and grandchidren"There is a tradition that his death was occasioned by smallpox aboard ship at sea. George's brother John who came to America in the same year of 1687,never married. John helped George's widow after his death. Jane and John purchased land in Chichester 1687-8. When John died about 1703, George's children received nearly all of his estate. " Delaware Bible Records Volume 3 by Donald O. Virdin Per The Chandler and Lamborn Families pages 33-34: Copied by Mrs. Warren Chandler Lamborn, Newark, Delaware. "The Chandler name is of English origin. George and Jane Chandler left their home, "Greathedge", Willshire, England, in 1687. The history of the family goes back to 1568. George and Jane, accompanied by their eight children and the elder brother of George (John) left England for America. George died during the voyage on December 13, 1687. Jane and the children landed on the spot where William Penn was starting his city of brotherly love. They lived in a cave near the city for quite awhile. The neighboring Indians became very friendly and kept the family supplied with venison, fruits and other foods. Then a settler allowed them to use his dwelling until his family arrived from England. Jane Chandler bought land in March, 1688, at Chichester Township, Delaware Co., Pa." (She goes on to state that Swithin, born 1674, died 1742, married Ann Wilson and had 12 children)
  “Early Church Records of Chester County Pennsylvania” Vol. 3. Martha Reamy. Kennett Monthly Meeting (abstracted by Gilbert Cope. p. 9. Chandler, George and wife Jane. Children: Jane, m. Robert Jefferis; George, m. Ruth Bezer; Swithin, b. 1674.6.24, m. Ann --; Thomas, m. Mary --; Charity, unm; William, m. Ann (Bowater?); Ann, m. Sam Robbins of Philadelphia. CHANDLER, George, the ancestor of the family in this county, left his home at Greathodge, in Wiltshire, England, in 1687, with his wife Jane and seven children,-Jane, George, Thomas, Swithin, William, Charity, and Ann. The father died at sea on the 13th of December in that year, but before the close of the following year his widow found a second husband, William Hawkes, of Chichester, (now) Delaware Co. John Chandler, a brother of the elder George, came perhaps at the same time, but does not appear to have had a family. His home in England was at Oare, in the parish of Wilcott. The early records of that parish show that the Chandlers were an old family there. In 1602, John, the son of Thomas Chandler, was baptized, and in 1613, William, the son of Swithin Chandler. April 8, 1633, George, the son of John and Annie Chandler, was baptized. This may have been the emigrant, but it is uncertain. Swithin Chandler, son of the latter, was born 6,24,1674. Jane Chandler, Jr., married Robert Jefferis, of Chichester, afterwards of East Bradford, Chester Co. George, Jr., married Ruth Bezer, and remained in Chichester, where he died in 1714. Swithin married Ann ____, and settled in Birmingham township, on the Brandywine, but subsequently removed to Christiana Hundred, Del. William married Ann Bowater, and after some years settled in Londongrove township, where he died in 1746. Thomas married Mary Mankin, and settled on the Brandywine, in Birmingham. He left no children, but made his nephew Thomas, son of William, his principal heir. Charity probably died young. Ann married Samuel Robins, and died in Philadelphia 8,10,1758. As far as has been ascertained, the following are the names and births of the children: Of Jane: Patience, Charity, William, James, Robert, George, Jane, Anne, Mary, Benjamin, Thomas, John. Of George: George, Ruth, John, Isaac, Rachel, Susanna, and others. Of Swithin: Jacob, b. 2,9,1705; Charity, b. 1,20,1707; Ann, b. 2,1,1709; Jane, b. 3,11,1711; Sarah, b. 3,20,1713; Swithin, b. 10,1,1715; Thomas, b. 10, 3, 1718; Margaret, b. 5,6,1721; Mary, b. 5,18,1723; Phebe, b. 3,31,1726; Betty, b. 1,25,1729; Hannah, b. 4,4,1732. Of William: Jane, b. 3,1,1713; Lydia, b. 8,2,1714; Samuel, b. 3,17,1716; William, b. 2,20,1718; John, b. 1,20,1719-20; Ann, b. 12,27,1721; Thomas, b. 6,11,1794; Moses, Mary. Of Ann: Sarah and others. Family Data Collection - Births about George Chandler Name: George Chandler Father: John Chandler Mother: Anne Chandler Birth Date: 8 Apr 1633 City: Oare County: Wiolcot Country: England U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about George Chandler Name: George Chandler Gender: Male Birth Year: 1633 Spouse Name: Jane Number Pages: 2
  From the Chester County Historical Society. August 1936, by Irving A. Chandler (A grandson of Abram chandler) of New York City, New York. Abram Chandler of Delaware 1805-1903. A descendant of George aned Jane Chandler. "The late abram Chandler, of Milltown, New Castle County, Delaware, was a descendant of George and Jane Chandler who left their home in Great Hodge, in the Parish of Pewsey (adjoining the Parish of Wilcot where George was baptized on April 8, 1633, and where he lived until after he was married), county of Wiltshire, England, in 1687 to settle in America in the Province of Pennsylvania. George died at sea on December 13, just before reaching America, so that Jane arrived in December, 1687, in the new and strange land a widow with seven children whose names were Jane, George, Swithin, Thomas, William, Charity and Ann. They are reported to have landed on the west bank of the Delaware river at a point now in the southern outskirts of the city of Chester, in Delaware County (then Chester County), Pennsylvania. Jane purchased, jointly with her deceased husband's brother, John, a 100 acre farm in Upper Chichester Township, in what is now Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and settled there with her seven children. This land was in the fork of a branch of Naaman's creek, on the highway between Concordville and Marcus Hook, about one-half mile northwest of the present Boothwyn station on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which is 4 1/2 miles south of the Chester station, and about one mile north of the Delaware state line. They were Quakers in their religious beliefs and became identified with the Friends Meeting of that locality........" is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.