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JANE Hawte: Birth: ABT 1522 in Allington,Kent,England. Death: 1600 in Allington Castle,Boxley,Kent,England
SUSANNA Hawxhurst: Birth: 1678 in Cedar, Suffolk Co.,NY.
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Margaret Hay: Birth: ABT 1404 in Locharret, Scotland. Death: 22 Apr 1484 in Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Lyman Haycox: Birth: 1 Oct 1893. Death: 6 Aug 1956
Mordicai Hayes: Death: 1824 in Chester Co, Pa
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EVA Hein Hayn: Birth: 21 Mar 1688 in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany. Death: 13 Jan 1744 in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany
Benjamin Haynes: Birth: May 1873 in IA.
George W. Hazelrigg: Birth: 28 Oct 1880 in Mo. Death: Oct 1972 in Marceline, Linn Co., MO
Mark R. Hazlett: Birth: ABT 1832 in MI.
Romeo B. Hazlett: Birth: 18 Nov 1860.
James Donald Head: Birth: 1 Aug 1914 in Mo. Death: 14 Nov 1996 in San Diego Co.,CA
James E. Head: Birth: 5 Oct 1887. Death: 1952
Roberta Loreen Head: Birth: 7 May 1918 in Mo. Death: 22 May 1991 in San Diego Co.,CA
Frances Heap: Birth: ABT 1744 in Charlottenhof,Wuerttemburg, Germany.
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Charity Hedges: Birth: 15 Nov 1792. Death: Jan 1883
Charles Hedges: Birth: ABT 1800. Death: Oct 1821
Jonathan Hedges: Birth: ABT 1768. Death: 29 Apr 1814
Mary Hedges: Birth: ABT 1715.
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Edith Vertie Hedrick: Birth: 15 Mar 1896 in , Heizer, Barton, Ks. Death: 31 Jul 1990 in Oakwood Villa, Hutchinson, Reno, Ks
Elizabeth Heffelfinger: Birth: 10 Jan 1879. Death: 5 Dec 1960
Hannah Hegeman: Birth: 19 Jun 1791. Death: 24 May 1868 in Oregon City, , Or
Clancy James Heggy: Birth: 29 Jun 1898 in Stafford, Stafford, Ks. Death: 4 Jun 1961 in Wichita,Sedgwick,KS
LUCAS Hein: Birth: ABT 1660 in Germany. Death: 27 Jul 1695
Agnes Heinlin: Birth: ABT 1743.
Anna Magdalena Heinlin: Birth: ABT 1736.
Johannes Heinlin: Birth: ABT 1730.
JOHANNES Heinlin: Birth: 1644 in of Welzhem, Wurtemberg, Germany. Death: 15 Jul 1699 in Welzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg,Germany
Margaretha Heinlin: Birth: ABT 1727.
MATTHIAS Heinlin: Birth: 1697 in Neckinsburg, Germany. Death: ABT 1773 in Northampton County, PA
Barbara Heinly: Birth: ABT 1760 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
DAVID Heinly: Birth: 17 Oct 1728 in Neckinsburg, Weurttemburg,Germany. Death: 3 Oct 1784 in Greenwich,Berks, Pa
Hanna Heinly: Birth: 25 Oct 1781 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
Henry Heinly: Birth: ABT 1774 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
Jacob Heinly: Birth: ABT 1769 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
John Heinly: Birth: 27 Jun 1765 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
Magdalena Heinly: Birth: 17 Jan 1784 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
Mary Elizabeth Heinly: Birth: ABT 1762 in Krehwinkel, Necklinsburg, Germany.
MARY MAGDALENA Heinly: Birth: 27 Nov 1767. Death: ABT 1853 in Saltcreek Twp,Pickaway,OH
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Jacobus Heins: Birth: 1724.
Margaret Helvey: Birth: 26 Jan 1812 in Miami County, OH. Death: 6 Nov 1869 in IN
Elizabeth Helvie: Birth: 6 Jan 1806 in Prob Montgomery, Va. Death: 20 Feb 1889 in Nr Addison, Jacksontwp, Champaign, Oh
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ESJE Hendricks: Death: AFT 1706/1709
Hendrick Hendricks: Birth: ABT 1610.
Maijcken Hendricks: Death: BEF 13 Jun 1706 in Somerset, NJ
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Mary Catherine Hendrickson: Birth: Jun 1872 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny. Death: 1930 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny
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Hope Henegar: Birth: 29 Apr 1899.
Neil Henegar: Birth: 27 May 1919 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple. Death: Aug 1987 in Hobbs, Lea Co., NM
Paul Arlis Henegar: Birth: 2 Aug 1902 in MO. Death: May 1986 in Ramona, Washington Co., OK
Robert Napoleon Henegar: Birth: 30 Jul 1896.
W. H. Henegar: Birth: ABT 1874 in MO.
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Catharina Daniels Hennejon: Birth: ABT 1679. Death: May 1755 in , , Ny
Abraham Henning: Birth: 20 Dec 1805. Death: 4 Aug 1885 in Paris Twp, Stark, Oh
Adam Henning: Birth: ABT 1828 in Canton, Stark, Oh. Death: 23 Oct 1876 in , , In
Adam Henning: Birth: ABT 1803 in , Bedford, Pa. Death: Sep 1874 in Salt Creek Twp, Wayne, Oh
Adam Henning: Birth: ABT 1828.
Adelia Alma Henning: Birth: 25 Jul 1871 in , , Oh.
Alice Catherine Henning: Birth: 3 Jul 1903 in Churubusco, Allen, In. Death: 27 Jun 1978 in , , In
Amanda Henning: Birth: ABT 1862 in Eel River Twp, Allen, In.
Amanda Henning: Birth: 1836 in , , Oh.
Ann Marie Henning: Birth: 19 Jan 1813 in Baltimore, York, Md. Death: 1904 in Baltimore, York, Md
Anna Maria Henning: Birth: 5 Apr 1774 in , , Pa.
Barbara Henning: Birth: 15 Jan 1773 in , Lebanon, Pa.
Benjamin Henning: Birth: ABT 1767 in Williamsburg, Lancaster, Pa. Death: 2 Dec 1819 in Baltimore, Md
Caroline Henning: Birth: 1837 in , , Oh. Death: BEF 1895
Catherine Henning: Birth: 16 Jun 1792.
Catherine Henning: Birth: 1837.
Catherine Henning: Birth: 1 Jul 1786.
Charles Vernon Henning: Birth: 30 Aug 1877 in , , Oh.
Charles Henning: Birth: 3 Jan 1867 in , , In. Death: in Bucklin,Macon,MO
Christina Henning: Birth: ABT 1748.
Clara E. Henning: Birth: 1852 in , , Oh. Death: ABT 1933 in , , Oh
Clyde Herbert Henning: Birth: 21 Mar 1918 in , Stark, Oh. Death: May 1998 in Detroit, , Mi
Conrad Henning: Birth: 8 Nov 1751 in Germantown, Beaver, Pa. Death: 29 Oct 1833 in Paris, Stark, Oh
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