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a. Note:   l Book 22, pp. 357-358. 'Bless my wife and Mary Virginia Newman, and as I have no will I write the following as my last will and testament Wm C Newman. I Wm C Newman give all I possess houses and lots in Sprinifeld West Va and the King (Krieg?) lot of 41 acres to my wife as long as she lives single (as she always told me she intended never to marry again) and I wish Mary V Newman to be paid what I and my security Michael Blue are bound to fulfil our bond; and if she continues to live with my dear wife and marries a man of means financially and takes good care of my dear wife Elizabeth Florence Newman, I give and bequeath what I have accumulated since the lawsuit of Aunt Elizabeth Curlett, also, and all the stock. The debts must all be paid I mean all my debts anything my wife binds herself for that she must pay by her own means. I wish Babb's children to wait until my wife and Mollie V Newman are both dead and gone before they heir anything that once belonged to me also my sister Nesmith's children to fair as the above named Babb's children and when I am dead and gone I have an und(-?-) hope to have a home in Heaven there to meet my loved ones that have gone before me and those that follow after me in Heven and may we all me (?) in Heaven to part no more and help to sing that Seaseless Song of praise to Him that loved us and washed us in his own precious blood that was shed for the remission of the Sins of all that ever lived and all that shall or will ever line Amen, So be it. Sept 23, 1890. William C. Newman' 'My vill continued from Pass Book for 1890 cen (?) And I wish all persons interested to -- (? Possibley 'distinctly) understand that I possess a Sound Mind and I have here belied by some of the scoundrels along the South Branch and in the little village of Springfield West Virginia and other counties and villages and towns, butI forgive them as liars are not believed when they Speak the truth and all liars will have their part in that lake that burns with fire and brimstone. If I survive my wife the above will is Null and void. <<Seal>> Wm C. Newman.' 'West Virginia to wit, In the Clerk's office of the County Court of Hampshire County on the 8th day of January 1891, This las will and testament of Wm C newman deceased was presented in said office proved to be wholly n the handwriting of said Wm C Newman deceased, by the oaths of RE Guthrie and John W Starns who also made oath, that they were well acquainted with the hand writing and signature of said Wm C Newman, and had often seen him write and sign his name and Said last will & testament was ordered to be recorded. Teste, CS White Clerk Cty Ct HC."
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