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Marriage: Children:
  1. Marie Elizabeth Dieffenbach: Birth: 19 Dec 1763 in Tulpehocken, Berks, PA. Death: 21 Mar 1825 in Freeport, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

  2. Anna Catherine Dieffenbach: Birth: 28 Mar 1766 in Tulpehocken, Berks, PA. Death: 1843

  3. Johann George Defenbaugh: Birth: 16 Dec 1768 in Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 May 1849 in Hocking Co., OH

  4. Mary Dieffenbach: Birth: 1770 in , Berks Co., Pa.

  5. Adam Dieffenbach: Birth: ABT 1773 in Paxton, Dauphin, PA. Death: 1849 in Deer Creek, Perry Twp, Madison Co., Ohio

  6. John Dieffenbach: Birth: 31 Dec 1782 in , , Pennsylvania. Death: 1863

  7. Anna Christianna "Jane" Dieffenbach: Birth: 29 Dec 1783 in Pa. Death: 21 Aug 1804 in Laurelville, Hocking Co., OH

  8. DANIEL Kapp Defenbaugh: Birth: 17 Dec 1786 in Paxtang Twp, Dauphin, PA. Death: 3 Mar 1873 in , Hocking Co., Oh

a. Note:   Rev War LDS Ancestral File.
  Roland F. Maharry, same data.
  Pickaway County, Ohio Families. page 193. Defenbaugh Families Submitted by Lois D. Jones. George (1741-1788), son of Johann Adam and Mary Sybilla, was born at Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania, served throughout the Revolutionary War and was a farmer and miller. He married Eva Magdelena (Mary) Kapp and their children were Catherine, Elizabeth, George, Mary, Adam, John, Anna Christiana (Jane), and Daniel. About 1803, Mary, widow of George, together with her four sons and daughter Jane moved to Ohio, settling near the present village of Laurelville. Jane died in 1804 and was the first burial in Stumpf Cemetery, Pickaway County. George Dieffenbach (1741 - 1788) George was born at Tulpehocken, but in 1770 he moved to Paxtang, three miles from Harrisburg, in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, where he owned 200 acres of land and a mill. He served in the Lancaster County Militia throughout the Revolutionary War. WorldConnect Valerie, George Dieffenbach removed to Paxtang, three miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1770 where he bought 200 acres of land and a mill. He died in December of 1788 and was probably buried in the cemetery of Shoope's Church. In 1804, his widow, her four sons and a daughter, Jane, moved to the vicinity of Laurelville, Ohio, where Jane died that same year and her mother in 1806. They were buried in the Stumpf Cemetery. | "1776 George Diffenbaugh, private, Cap't Wm. Bell's Co., commanded by Col. James Burd. "1778 George Devibaugh, 2d Class Co. 7, 4th Battalion George Tivebach furnished 3 bu. wheat and 3 bu. forage for the army. "1779 George Devibaugh 2d Class Co. 7, 4th Battalion "1780 George Turbaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10th Battalion "1781 George Devibaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10 Battalion "1782 George Devibaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10 Battalion WorldConnect Isabel Defenbaugh, Researcher Lloyd Irgang (died 1986) provided us with the following notes: "Our ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War was George Diffenbach, son of Johann Adam Tiffenbach. George was about 36 years old when the war began. With the exception of the year 1777 there are complete records of his military services to May 10, 1782. About 1770 he moved from the Tulpehocken Settlement in Berks county to Paxtang, just outside Harrisburg in Dauphin county. Here he died in 1788. About 1797 Mary, his widow, her four sons and daughter Jane moved to Ohio." Dieffenbach Cousins Website Johann George Dieffenbach was born about 1741, in Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Johann Adam Dieffenbach and Maria Sybilla Kobel. In about 1762, he married Eva Maria Magdalena Kapp. Johann George and Eva Maria had eight children: Marie Elizabeth Dieffenbach, b: 19 Dec 1763; Anna Catherine Dieffenbach, b: 28 Mar 1766; Johann George Dieffenbach, b: 1768; Mary Dieffenbach, b: 1771; Adam Dieffenbach, b: abt 1773; John Dieffenbach, b: 31 Dec 1782; Anna Christina “Jane” Dieffenbach, b: 29 Dec 1783; and Daniel Dieffenbach, b: 17 Dec 1786. In 1770, Johann George moved his family to Paxtang, about three miles from Harrisburg, in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. He owned 200 acres of land and a mill. During the Revolutionary War Johann George Dieffenbach served in the Dauphin County Militia. He died in December 1788, in Paxtang, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.