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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Albert Schwantes: Birth: 6 Aug 1856 in Clinton, ILL. Death: 24 Apr 1936 in Winfield, Cowley co., KS

  2. Clarinda Schwantes: Birth: 5 Nov 1858 in ILL. Death: 5 Oct 1946 in Winfield, KS

  3. Daniel Fredrick Schwantes: Birth: 28 Jan 1860 in Decatur, ILL. Death: 28 Mar 1920 in Winfield, KS

  4. Mary Ellen Schwantes: Birth: 20 Jun 1863 in Macon County, Illinois. Death: 19 May 1922 in Mulvane. Kansas

  5. Jacob Karl "Peter" Schwantes: Birth: 1 Apr 1865 in Danville, ILL. Death: 17 Jul 1946 in Sparks,Lincoln Co., OK

  6. Katherine Caroline Schwantes: Birth: Jan 1867 in Danville, ILL. Death: 28 Mar 1948 in Silver City, NM

  7. Charles E. Schwantes: Birth: 15 Aug 1869 in Danville, ILL. Death: 11 Nov 1946 in Winfield, KS

  8. Benjamin H. Schwantes: Birth: 3 Jan 1871 in Winfield, Cowley County, KS. Death: 11 Apr 1961 in Los Angeles, CA

  9. John A. Schwantes: Birth: 7 Sep 1874 in Winfield, Cowley County, KS. Death: 1 Apr 1961 in Winfield, Cowley County, KS

  10. Ida S. Schwantes: Birth: 3 Dec 1876 in Winfield, KS. Death: 21 Feb 1957 in Winfield,Cowley Co., KS

  11. Cora Etta Schwantes: Birth: 6 Feb 1879 in Winfield, KS. Death: 29 Oct 1907 in Winfield, KS

  12. James Wilhelm Schwantes: Birth: 9 Jan 1881 in Winfield, KS. Death: 30 Dec 1884 in Winfield, KS

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a. Note:   f 1870 to Winfield,KS
  Illinois Marriage Index. SCHWANTES, FREDERICK LONG, CAROLINE 12/09/1855 00A/0145 DE WITT
  1850 Census DeWitt IL 551/556. Received from DeWitt Co Gen So. Jul 1993. "Long, Jacob 41 farmer, Upper Canada; Sarah 38 OH; Mary A. 20 OH; Lucinda 18 OH; Lexina 17 OH; Corline 12 Oh; Martha 11 IL; Lewis 9 IL; Isabel 8 IL; Meclua 5 IL; Elen 7 IL; Minor 3 IL."
  1870 US Census Illinois, Macon Co., Friends Creek. page 22. 21 June 1870. 153 149. Swarter (sic), Fred, age 43, male, white, farmer, RE $5000, $1500, Prussia. Caroline, age 32, female, white, keeping house, OH. William age 14, male, white, IL. Clarinda, age 13, female, white, IL. Mary E., age 8, female, white, IL. Daniel, age 9, male, white, IL. Peter, age 6, male, white, IL. Caroline, age 4, female, white, IL. Charles, age 9/12, male, white, IL.
  Mary Lee Gentry 1875 State Census, Vernon Twp, Cowley County, Kansas. Schwantes, F. W. m 45 Prussia Caroline f 28 OH William m 18 IL Clarinda f 17 IL Daniel m 15 IL Ella f 12 IL Peter m 10 IL Caroline f 8 IL Benjamin m 3 KS John m 1 KS
  1880 US Census Kansas, Cowley Co., Vernon. page 12, SD 2, ED 184, 11 & 12 June 1880. 104 104. Schwantes, F. W. white, male, age 50, married, farmer, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia. Caroline, white, female, age 45, wife, married, keeping house, OH OH OH. William, white, male, age 24, son, single, farmer, IL Prussia OH. Katie, white, female, age 21, daughter, single, IL Prussia OH. Daniel, white, male, age 19, son, single, farmer, IL Prussia OH. Ella, white,female, age 17, daughter, single, IL Prussia OH. Peter, white, male, age 15, son, single, farmer, IL Prussia, OH. Caroline, white, female, age 13, daughter, IL Prussia OH. Charls (sic), white, male, age 10, son, farmer, IL Prussia OH. Benjamin, white, male, age 8, son, KS Prussia OH. John, white, male, age 5, son, KS Prussia OH. Ida, white, female, age 3, daughter, KS Prussia OH. Cora, white, female, age 1, daughter, KS Prussia OH.
  1895 Kansas Census, Cowley Co., Vernon. F. W. Schwantes, age 64, m w, born Prussia, came from IL, farmer. Carline (sic) , age 58, f w born OH, came from IL, housekeeper. John, age 20, m w , born KS, farmer. Ida, age 18, f w, born KS, housekeeper. Cora, age 16, f w, born KS. Jacob Long, age 85, m w, born Canada, came from IL.
  1905 Kansas Census, Cowley Co., Winfield. Own financed home. F. W. Schwantes, age 74, m w. C. Schwantes, age 68 fw. Ida Schwantes, age 28, fw. Cora Schwantes, age 26, f w. Ellen Schwantes, age 60 f w.
  1900 US Census Kansas, Cowley, Winfield Ward 3. SD 3, ED 69, sheet 3B. 2 June 1900. 1117, 56, 62. Schwantes, F.W., head, white, male, July 1880, age 69, married 40 yrs, Germany Germany Germany, immigrated 1874, in US 26 Yrs, retired farmer. Caroline, iwfe, white, female, Aug 1837, age 62, married 40 yrs, 15 births, 11 living, IL Canada PA. Ida, daughter, white, female, Dec 1877, age 22, single, KS Germany IL. Kadaw Ida B., granddau, white, female, Jan 1887, age 13, single, KS Germany IL.
  Sam Wonders, Born on 22 Aug 1836, d 15 Jan 1909 Winfield,Osborne,KS, buried Mt Vernon Cem,Winfield,KS; m 9 Dec 1855 DeWitt,IL.
  Jeannie Finch, July 2001. Born Aug 22, 1836 Miami Co,OH. Married Fredrick Wilhelm Schwantes Jr Dec 9, 1855 DeWitt Co,IL. He was born July 6, 1830 in Prussia and died Aug 3, 1913 in Winfield,KS. Caroline died Jan 15, 1909, in Winfield, KS, they are buried in Mt. Vernon Cem. they moved from Illinois to Kansas in 1870. Per Caroline's obituary they had 15 children but I only found records for 12, some may have died in Illinois.
  Photo of headstone. "Father & Mother F.W. Schwantes Jr born July 6, 1830 Died Aug 3, 1913. Caroline His Wife Born Aug 22, 1836 Died Jan 16, 1909."
  Copy of obituary. "Winfield, Kansas Jan. 15, 1909. Mrs. Schwantes Dead. Mrs. F.W. Schwantes died Friday morning at three o'clock of heart failure at her home on Menor Street. She had been complaining of old and grip for some time but was up and around yesterday and apparently no more than she had been for several days. A while after midnight she was taken worse and a doctor was summoned but she was dying when he arrived. The funeral arrangements have not been completed but will probably be conducted by Rev. W.O. Stark at Mount Vernon Chruch sometime Sunday morning and internment in Mount Vernon Cemetery."
  Copy of obituary. "Winfield Daily Courier. Friday, January 22, 1909. Obituary. Caroline Long was born in Ohio, August 22, 1837, and died at her home 1117 Menor Street January 15, 1909. She moved with her parents to Illinois in infancy, there she grew to womanhood. She was converted at the age of seventeen and joined the Baptist church living a true Christian life ever after. On December 9, 1855, she was married to Frederick Wilhelm Schwantes. To them were born nine sons and six daughters, three sons and two daughters having preceeded her to a better world. She with her husband and family came to Kansas in the fall of 1870 settling on a farm six miles northwest of Winfield, living htere until eleven years ago they moved to Winfield. She was a much loved and respected citizen, kind and affectionate in her home and a congenial friend and neighbor. She leaves a broken-hearted husband, six sons, four daughters, two brothers, one sister, thirty eight grand children, and nine great grand children to mourn her sudden death. She had a sweet smile and a word of cheer for all whom she might chance to meet in life. And her Christian influence will long be remembered in her home. (followed by a poem)" Picture of stone Family Trees Caroline Long and the extended Long family Richard_Pittaway_1954 added this on 18 Aug 2008 Caroline Long’s father came from Canada to the Ohio wilderness. Her Mother, Sarah Defenbaugh was born into a family that served in the American Revolution and was given land in Ohio in exchange for military service. Born in Bloom twp, in what is now Licking Co, Ohio, Caroline’s family moved to Illinois when Carline was just an infant. Raised on the Illinois frontier before the Civil War, she married a Prussian immigrant FW Schwantes around 1856. By the time the war broke out, she had three kids with FW. They do not show up on the 1860 census in Central Illinois, but in a future statement, son Daniel will report that he was born in Decatur Illinois in 1860. Carline’s brother Lewis went off with the 20th Illinois and he will see all of the worst fighting of the Western theater of the war. Her brother in law, Carl Schwentes, went to war with the 41st Illinois which is also a regiment that will see a lot of vicious combat. Whereas her brother was on the edge of the Shiloh battlefield, Carl Schwentes was with Prentis in the hornets nest at Shiloh. They were under fire for 6 hours while the rest of the army reformed and regrouped behind. Few units will undergo that kind of horror anywhere else during the Civil War. Grant will later write that the 40 acres in front of Prentis had so many dead bodies that you could walk across it stepping on bodies and never have to set foot on the ground. There is no army record for Carline's husband, and they had another baby in 1864 which is further evidence that he did not serve. Carline’s other brother of military age, Minor Long, has no apparent military record, but there is no mention of him in any historical document after the war, so he likely perished in it. Sometimes young men signed up under other men's names because of bounties being offered, sometimes young men took civilian support jobs like drovers or farriers and occasionally they caught bullets or camp diseases. There is a military record for a Jacob Long which shows him being drafted later in the war and shows him being discharged for medical reasons after only 6 months service. This might not be the same Jacob Long but it is consistent with a man like our Jacob Long who is in his 40's at the time. It would also explain how our Jacob Long met Delilah Manning, a Kentucky woman. Brother-in-law Carl Schwentes married Carline’s younger sister, Ellen. He must have been injured or home on leave in the lull in battle of Oct 1864, because Carl and Ellen have a daughter born in July 1865. Carl was back on duty in time to participate in Sherman’s march to the Sea. We can tell because at the end of that march, OO Howard folded the decimated 41st Illinois regiment into two companies of the 53rd Illinois in Savannah GA. Carl claimed that he was part of that consolidation in both the 1885 Kansas Census and in his application to the War Department for an invalid’s pension claim made in 1881. In 1869, Carline and Ellen’s brothers, Lewis and Malachi, set off to homestead in Kansas. They ended up Homesteading in Greenwood Co, KS. Lewis is married to an Illinois woman and has children born in Illinois, but Malachi is a bachelor. FW and Carline Schwantes came to Kansas too, probably in 1870 since one son was born in Kansas in Jan 1872. The family is shown on the Cowley co Kansas census of 1875. Carl and Ellen do eventually arrive in Kansas, Carl applies for an invalid’s pension from Kansas in 1881. They are not on the Cowley co census of 1875 where FW and Carline are listed. Perhaps they are afraid that Carl isn’t up to the task of being one of the early pioneers. Kansas is developing so fast that pioneers listed on the 1875 census hardly recognize the prairie by 1880. The last large incursion of natives is in 1876. They destroy Custer's command, but ultimately they cannot overcome the tide of strangers and submit to staying on reservations. Pioneers of 1872 become regular small town Kansas farmers by 1880. Malachi takes a wife, Martha Wasson, in Kansas. According to the 1880 census, her family is living nearby in the county. Martha’s brother Thomas Wasson is living very close by if closeness on the census page is any indication. Malachi’s mother, Sarah Defenbaugh Long, comes to live in a house next door to Malachi and Martha's farm house. However, by 1880 Brother Lewis has decided that going back East to greener, less arid Missouri is a better bet. Their family is in Linn co. Missouri in 1880. Sarah claims to be a widow on the 1880 census, but in actuality, her husband Jacob had divorced her to marry Delilah Manning back at the end of the Civil War. In later years, Malachi and Martha's son, Alvin, will claim to have possession of documents regarding a deep family secret which he will only show to the menfolk of the family. Jo Anne Kenney Pittaway remembered that when Uncle Alvin visited, he would show the secret papers to her father but no one else. Those scandalous documents may have related to his grandmother's unseemly divorce. Alvin never married. When he died an untimely death, his grandnephew, Robert Carroll attended to his effects and the burial. He looked for the secret ancestry papers, but never found them. Carline and FW Schwantes, apparently, stay in Cowley Co KS for the rest of their lives. After Sarah dies, Malachi and Martha move to Linn Co, MO to be near Lewis’ family. Daughter Julia goes with them and will meet her husband there. However, there are aunts and uncles and cousins from the Wasson family all over South central Kansas making for (apparently) frequent visits. Julia's eldest daughter, Ethel, will eventually marry a man born and reared in Barton co, Robert Carroll, close to where one of the Wasson aunts lives. At some point after Carline’s father, Jacob Long, loses his second wife Delilah in 1886, Carline takes her dad in and supports him. The Kansas Census of 1895 shows him living with her. By 1900 he is no longer listed on the census form with the Schwantes family. However, in 1905 Carline’s sister Ellen Schwantes, is shown living with them. She applied for a widow’s pension 20 Aug 1889 based on Carl Schwantes army record, thus indicating that Carl died in 1889. Additional information about this story Description Brief story of Carline's life based on what I know and on the historical documents I have found. Date 1837-1920 Location DeWitt Co ILL and Cowley CO, KS, USA
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