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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jessie Rall: Birth: Jan 1867 in IA.

  2. William Elmer Rall: Birth: 31 Mar 1876 in IA. Death: 28 Sep 1952 in Los Angeles Co.,CA

a. Note:   Pamela Slinker, [email protected] 1900 US Census Utah, Salt Lake Co., Salt Lake City. SD 273, ED 27, Sheet 11A, 13 June 1900. 176 6th West Street. 218 221. Roll, S. D. head, white, male, Jan 1840, age 60, married 35 yrs, IA NY OH, carpenter. Margaret, wife, white, female, Nov 1842, age 57, married 35 yrs, 4 births, 2 living, KY OH KY. Chark, Jessie, daughter, white, female, Jan 1867, age 33, married 10 yrs, 5 births, 3 living. IA IA KY. Roll, William, son, white, male, Mar 1877, age 23, single, IA IA KY, teamster.
  1910 US Census California, Los Angeles, San Antonio Twp. SD ?, Ed 336, Sheet 37, 20 Apr 1910. East 69th St. 172 174. Rall, silas D., head, male, white, age 70, married once for 45 yrs., IA US US, carpenter factory. no name, wife, female, white, age 68, married once for 45 yrs, 4 births, 2 living, KY WV VA. William E., son, male, white, age 32, married once for 6 yrs, IA IA KY, carpenter, house. Jennie M., daughter in law, female, white, age 28, married once for 6 yrs, 2 births, 2 living, UT Wales Wales. Thomas E., grandson, male, white, age 6, single UT IA UT. Clifton E., grandson, male, white, age 4, single, UT IA UT.
  1920 US Census California, Orange Co., Huntington Beach. SD 9, ED 63, Sheet 11A, 27 & 31 Jan 1920. 259 314. Rall, Silas D. head, own home mortgaged, age 80, married, IA NY OH, Farmer, general farm. Margaret F., sife, female, white, age 75, married, KY KY KY. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.