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Marriage: Children:
  1. Harman van Barkeloo: Birth: ABT 1662 in New Amsterdam. Death: BEF 15 Mar 1728/1729 in Cecil, MD

  2. Jan Harmensen van Barkelo: Birth: ABT 1664 in New Utrecht, Kings, NY. Death: 26 Oct 1700 in Constable Hook, Bergen, Nj

  3. Willem Hermensen van Barkeloo: Birth: 1666 in New Utrecht,Kings,NY. Death: ABT 1725

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Trintje Harmanse van Barkeloo: Birth: 1671 in Constable Hook, Bergen, Nj. Death: 7 Nov 1736 in Constable Hook, Bergen, Nj

  2. Annetje Hans Harmenson: Birth: ABT 1674 in New Utrecht,Kings,NY. Death: By Oct 1700

a. Note:   . Born abt 1630 Hengelo,Netherlands. Died 28 Oct 1697 Constables Hook,NJ.
  Dorothy Koenig, Dutch-Colonies list. The wife of Harmen Jans van Barckelo was Willempje Warnaers.
  THE DUTCH ANCESTRY OF THE VAN BARKELLO FAMILY IN EARLY KINGS COUNTY, NEW YORK; IN THE NETHERLANDS Geesteren Dutch Reform Church records: Marriages 27 March 1653: Harmen Lubberdinck son of Jan Lubberdinck from Geesteren with Willemken Elderinck daughter of Warner Elderinck from Hengelo and married there 11 April." Calendar of New Jersey Wills. V. 23, p 211. 1694 Nov 12. (Dutch and English). Harmense, Hans, and wife Willemtje Warnaers, of Constapels Hook; joint will of. Children of said Willemtje by her first husband Harmen vanBorckeloo, vizt., Jannetje, Reynier and Harmen, her brother-in-law, Jan Harmensen van Borceloo; children of Hans andWillemtje-Tryntje and Annetje Hans; Willem van Borckeloo a legatee. Temporal estate. The survivor executor. Witnesses-Hessel Wiggerts, Baerendt Christianse. Codicill of October 19, 1700, signed only by Hans Harmens, provides for grandson Hartman Claus, as whose guardians son John Harmanson and Daniel Shottwell are named. Witnesses-Ellis Duxbury and John Oven. Proved October 6, 1701. N.J. Archives xxl,p.145, and Bergen Wills. 1700 Nov 12. Harmensen, Hans, of Constapels Hook. Inventory of the estate of, made by Cornelis Neeirus and Ephraim Tealer for the sake of partition between Pieter van Boskerck as husband and guardian of Tryntje Hans as heiress and Jan Harmense van Borckelo and Daniel Sadwell as administrators and guardians for Hartman Claesen, heir of Annetje Hans, incl. debts due by Willem van Borckeloo, Jan van Borckeloo, Hartman Michielse, Jan Aertsen van der Bilt and Brant Schuyler, florins 11043 (£4417.20). Bergen Wills.
  NYG7BR, Vol 115, #4, pp 193-198 Oct 1984. "Dutch Ancestry of the Van Barkello Family". Banns were called on 27 Mar 1653 for Harmen Lubberdink, son of Jan Lubberdink from Geesteren and Willemken Elderinck, daughter of Warner Elderinck from Hengelo. The marriage took place on 11 Apr 1653
  Rootsweb, World Connect. b abt 1630 Hengelo,Gelderland, Netherlands. d 28 Oct 1697 Constable's Hook,Bergen,NJ
  John Van Buskirk, [email protected]
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