Hannah /Graves/
B: 27 Sep 1748
P: Chester Co,PA
P: Chester Co, Pa

 JOHN /Graves/
B: 7 Oct 1706
P: Christiana, New Castle, De
M: 2 Oct 1733
P: Centre Monthly,Centreville, New Castle, De
D: 1 Jan 1773
P: Christiana Hundred, New Castle, De

 JANE /Chandler/
B: 11 Mar 1711
P: Birmingham,Chester,PA
D: 19 Jun 1774
P: Kennet, Chester, PA

 SAMUEL /Greave/
B: 26 Apr 1677
P: , , , Ireland
M: 8 Apr 1702
P: Thornbury Twp., Chester Co,PA
D: 5 Aug 1741
P: Christiana Hundred, New Castle, De

 SARAH /Bezer/
B: 25 Feb 1677
P: Chichester Twp., Chester County, Pennsylvania
D: 15 Oct 1751
P: ,New Castle County, De

 SWITHIN /Chandler/
B: 6 Sep 1674
P: Oare,Wilcot,Wiltshire,England
M: 1695
P: Oare,Wilcot,Wiltshire,England
D: 1742
P: Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co., DE

 ANN /Bowater/
P: Wilcot,Wiltshire,England
D: 11 Aug 1768
P: New Castle Co,DE

 THOMAS /Greave/
B: ABT 1650
P: Beeley,North Derbyshire,England
D: ABT 1700
P: Christianna Hundred, New Castle, De
 WILLIAM /Bezer/
B: ABT 1650
P: Devizes, Wiltshire, , England
M: ABT 1675
P: England
D: ABT 1683
P: Chichester,Chester,PA
 SARAH /Coole/
B: 23 Jun 1654
P: Devizes, Wiltshire, England
D: AFT 1683
P: Chester, PA
 GEORGE /Chandler/
P: Greathodge,Wiltshire,England
D: 13 Dec 1687
P: At Sea
 JANE /Smith/
B: ABT 1635
P: Pewsey,Wiltshire,England
D: ABT 1718
P: Chichester, Chester Co., PA
 JOHN /Bowater/
P: Worcester, Worcestershire, England
M: 12 Feb 1683
P: Bromsgrove, Worcester, England
D: 16 Nov 1704
P: Westtownship, Chester County, PA
 FRANCES /Corbett/
B: 19 Dec 1656
P: Worcester, Worcestershire, England
D: 28 Dec 1720
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