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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles Henning: Birth: 3 Jan 1867 in , , In. Death: in Bucklin,Macon,MO

  2. Viola Henning: Birth: 4 Jun 1868 in , , In.

  3. Elmer Henning: Birth: 22 Mar 1870 in , , In.

  4. Elizabeth Henning: Birth: 11 Apr 1872 in , , Ks. Death: in , , Nm

  5. Ida Henning: Birth: 11 Dec 1874 in , , Ks.

  6. Medora Henning: Birth: 21 Feb 1876 in , , Ks.

  7. Ira Calvin Henning: Birth: 17 Dec 1878 in , , Ks.

  8. Lillian Henning: Birth: 11 Nov 1881 in Glen Elder, Mitchell, Ks. Death: Mar 1918 in Cawker City, Mitchell, Ks

  9. Frank Henning: Birth: 11 Jan 1883 in Eagle Rock, Bonneville Co., ID. Death: 19 Jan 1963 in North Platt, Lincoln, Ne

  10. Pearl Henning: Birth: 29 Aug 1886 in Bucklin,Linn Co., Mo. Death: Feb 1978 in Marceline, Linn Co., MO

a. Note:   n farm pers $200 OH; Mary 25 f OH; Charley 3 m IN; Viola 1 f IN; Elmer 2/12 m IN; Adam 40 m works on farm OH.
  1875 Kansas State Census, Mitchell Co., Walnut Creek. 72 72. J. Henning, age 33, male, farmer. $225, OH thru IN. M. Henning, age 30 female, OH thru IN. C. Henning, age 8, male, IN thru IN. V. Henning, age 6, female, IN thru IN. E.Henning, age 5, male, IN thru IN. E. Henning, age 3, female, KS.
  1880 US Census Kansas, Mitchell Co., Walnut Creek. page 12, SD 3, ED 184. 116 126. Henning, John, white, male, age 39, married, farmer, OH PA PA. Mary, white, female, age 35, wife, married, keeping house, OH PA OH. Charlie, white, male, age 13, son, single, IN OH OH. Viola, white, female, age 12, daughter, single, IN OH OH. Elmer, white, male, age 10, son, single, IN OH OH. Elizabeth, white, female, age 8, daughter, single, KS OH OH. Ida, white, female, age 5, daughter, single, KS OH OH. Medora, white, female, age 3, daughter, single, KS OH OH. Calvin, white, male, age 1, son, single, KS OH OH.
  1885 Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925. Linn Co., Blue Mound. 4 4. John Hanning, age 44, male, farmer. Mary, age 40 female. Viola, age 16, female. Elmer, age 14, male. Lizie age 12, female. Ida, age 10, female, Lillie, age 4, female, Frank, age 2, male.
  1900 US Census Missouri, Linn Co., Bucklin. SD 2, ED 71, Sheet 3B. 11 June 1900. 58 58. Hennig (sic), John, head, white, male, July 1839, age 60, married 35 yrs, OH PA PA, farmer. Mary, wife, white, female, Oct 1844, age 55, married 35 yrs, 10 births 8 living, OH PA PA. Elmer, son, white, male, Mar 1870, age 30, single, IN OH OH, farm labor. Ida, daughter, white, female, Sept 1874, age 25, single, KS OH OH. Pearl, daughter, white, female, Aug 1886, age 13, single, MO OH OH. Nutter, Sabe, boarder, white, male, Jan 1842, age 58, single, OH NY OH.
  1910 US Census Missouri, Linn Co., Marceline. SD 2, ED 84, Sheet 6B, 29 April 1910. 118 118. Hening, Charley, head, male, white, age 43, wd, IN OH OH, farmer, general farm. John, father, male, white, age 70, married for 45 yrs, OH PA PA. Mary, mother, female, white, age 65, married for 45 yrs, OH PA PA. Mable, daughter, female, white, age 18, single, KS IN IL. Leah, daughter, female, white, age 17, single, KS IN IL.
  1920 US Census Missouri, Linn Co., Marceline. SD 2, ED 85, Sheet 10B. 8 Jan 1920. 131 E. Bisley. 217 312. Henning, Charles, head, own home financed, male, white, age 53, d or w, IN OH OH, carpenter. Mable, son (sic), female, white, age 28, single, KS IN KS. John, father, male, white, age 80, married, OH PA PA. Mary, mother, female, white, age 75, married, OH OH OH.
  1930 US Census Missouri, Linn Co., Marceline. ED 5822, SD 3, Sheet 9A. April 11, 1930. 115 West Booker. 201 214. Henning, John, head, male, white, age 90, married at age 26, OH PA PA. Mary, wife, female, white, age 85, married at age 21, OH US VA. Bunn, Ida, daughter, female, white, age 55, wd, married at age 27, KS OH OH.
  Surname and dates per Phyllis Henning, Feb 1996.
  Dates and places same as above per Tom McCasland, Mar 1997.
  Whitley County, Indiana Will Record 2 Page 270. David Harshbarger of Union Township, Whitley County, Indiana. To wife, Elizabeth in lieu of dower. To Benjamin Cole and Mary Trundle, children of daughters Sarah, dec. To Drusilla Ball, Eliza Ball, Effa Ball ) children of my deceased daughter Rebecca. To sons: Silvester Harshbarger. Ira C. Harshbarger, Benjamin Harshbarger, Simon Harshbarger, John Harshbarger, David Harshbarger. To dau. Rachail, wife of Samuel Depoy the interest on a certain sun, the principal at her death to her children including Hazzard P. Edgar by a former husband. To dau. Lucinda, wife of Robert Hanna the interest on a certain fund then to her 3 children by a former husband namely, Frances Walker, Eliza Walker, Mary Walker and to her other children. To dau. Amanda Jane wife of John Bigby. She the interest, the principal at her dec. to her only child, Luella Heffelfinger by a former marriage and any other children she may have. To dau. Polly Ann, wife of John Henning, interest on a certain sum but at her death the principal to her children. Executors nominated: Ira C. Harshbarger, David H. Harshbarger } sons. Signed 24 December 1877. David Harshbarger. Witnessed: Joseph W. Adair, James S. Collins. Sworn to and subscribed on 10 December 1878 before James Reider, Clerk.
Note:   1870 US Census, Indiana, Allen, Eel River Twp., 2 Jun 1870, 12/12. Henning, John 28 m works o is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.