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a. Note:   r 27, 1745. I, Peter Hazewout, of Staten Island, being very sick, I leave to my wife Neeltie, all lands and tenements during her widowhood, and after her death to my two sons Peter and Nicholas; all my lands in Richmond County next adjoining to the land now in possession of Dowe Van Wogelum, with all meadows and messuages. I leave to each of my two younger sons, Egbert and John, £100. To my daughter Dirckje, £10. All the rest of my estate, real and personal, to my 5 children, Catharine, wife of Johans Brestede, Dirckje, Neeltje, Gertruyd, and Margaret. My daughter Catharine's part is not to be paid till after the death of her husband, "and her husband is not to intermeddle or have anything to do with the same," nor shall it be liable to pay any of his debts. I make my wife and Daniel Corsen, executors. Witnesses, Geritt Krasse, John Roll, Jr., Klaas Krasse. Proved, April 8, 1746.
  Staten Island Census Records 1706-1709. Hagewout John 2 15 boy; Hagewout Abram 2 16 boy' Hagewout Isaac 2 17 boy; Hagewout Dirike 2 17 woman; Hagewout Alte 2 18 woman; Hagewout Lafert 2 18 boy; Hanot Harminthe 2 19 woman; Hagewout Egbert 22 2 19 man; Hagewout Peter 17 2 20 man; Hagewout Egbert 20 2 22 man; Hagwout Geotroy 2 25 girl; Hagewout Rachil 2 25 girl (dau of Egbert).
  Dutch Colonies Oct 2001. Wayne. "This (above) Hagewout family was the children and grandchildren of Pieter Hagewout and Dirkje Egberts. I don't know why Pieter Hagewourt Sr was not listed in theis census as he wrote his Will until 13 Feb 1716. The children of Pieter Hagewout and Dirkje Egberts were Egbert, who had a daughter, Rachill listed in the census and he died prior to his father; Peter; who married Neeltje Baker, dau of Nicholas baker and tryntje Croesen; Harmettie, who married Abraham tayler; Aeltje, who married Jacob J. Van Pelt; Geritie (or Geortroy as she was listed above), who married Johannes Neul; Isaac.
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