Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Tryntje Backer . She married Jacques Egbert. She was the daughter of Nicholas Backer and Tryntje Croesen.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Nicholas Backer died Will 15 Jul 1726 in NY. He was the son of Jacobus Backer and Margaret Stuyvesant.

Tryntje Croesen died ABT 1709. She was the daughter of LIVING and LIVING .

Children of Tryntje /Croesen/ and Nicholas /Backer/ are:
  1. Jacobus Backer was born ABT 1693 in New York,NY,NY, and died Will 26 Jan 1751 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY. He married Person Not Viewable .

  2. Margaret Backer was born 11 Apr 1697 in New York,NY,NY, and died BEF 1726.

  3. Elizabeth Backer was born ABT 1700 in New York,NY,NY. She married Person Not Viewable .

  4. Ann Backer was born ABT 1702 in New York,NY,NY.

  5. Neeltje Backer. She married Pieter Haughwout. He was born ABT 1689.

  6. Tryntje Backer. She married Jacques Egbert. He was born 10 Jun 1695 in Staten Island,Richmond,NY, and died BEF Apr 1768 in Staten Island, Richmond, Ny.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Jacobus Backer was born 1631 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and died 1669/1670 in West Indies.

Margaret Stuyvesant was born ABT 1635 in Delfzyl,Gueld,Grnngn,Holland, and died AFT 1715 in Elizabethtown,Union,NJ.

Children of Margaret /Stuyvesant/ and Jacobus /Backer/ are:
  1. Person Not Viewable .

  2. Hillegond Backerdied 1698/1699.

  3. Person Not Viewable .

  4. Nicholas Backerdied Will 15 Jul 1726 in NY. He married Tryntie Vlierboom on Prior to 1 Aug 1710 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY. She was born ABT 1662 in Albany, Ny, and died BEF 1733.

  5. Hendricus Backerdied 4 Feb 1734 in Elizabethtown,Union,NJ.



Children of LIVING and LIVING are:
  1. Tryntje Croesendied ABT 1709. She married Nicholas Backer on ABT 1692 in New York,NY,NY. He died Will 15 Jul 1726 in NY.

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