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Marriage: Children:
  1. Armenia O'Neil: Birth: Dec 1865 in Friends Creek Tw, Macon, Il. Death: 1950 in Hall, Ne

  2. Star O'Neil: Birth: 26 Aug 1867 in Friends Creek Tw, Macon, Il. Death: 3 Sep 1952 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Ks

  3. Lulu O'Neil: Birth: ABT 1868 in Friends Creek Tw, MacOn, Il. Death: 3 Feb 1889 in , , Il

  4. HUGH O'Neil: Birth: 2 Jun 1871 in Friends Creek Tw, Macon, Il. Death: 18 Aug 1959 in Compton, Los Angeles, Ca

  5. Mary McCann O'Neil: Birth: 8 Sep 1873 in Friends Creek Tw, Macon, Il. Death: 17 Sep 1951 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca

  6. Barney O'Neil: Birth: 12 Dec 1875 in Friends Creek Tw, Macon, Il. Death: 17 Jun 1921 in Cherokee,Alfalfa, Ok

a. Note:   r b Upper Canada; Sarah 38 b OH; Mary A. 20 b OH; Lucinda 18 b OH; Lexina 17 b OH; Corline 12 b OH; Martha 11 b IL; Lewis 9 b IL; Isabel 8 b IL; Meclue (?) 5 m b IL; Eleln 7 b IL; Minor 3 b IL.
  1860 Census Clintonia Twp De Will, IL. 753/732. Long, Jacob 51 m 43y RE Canada; Sarah 48y b OH; Lewis 20 m b IL; Isabella 18 f b IL; Ellen 15 f b IL; Malich 13 m b IL; Minor 11 m b IL; John 6 m b IL.
  1860 US Census, Illinois, Macon, P O Dowling, Line 1, 1372/1386. John Long, 48y m farmer, R.E. $6000, Personal $375. b OH. Cap Short 60 m b Ireland. Next door neighbor to Hugh O'Neal family, Isabelle Long married their son, Barney O'Neil.
  1870 US Census, Illinois, Macon, Friends Creek Twp., film 593, #249, p 14, sh 434a, line 11 100/87. O'Neil Barney 29 m w farmer b OH; Isabella 28y f w; Armenia 4 f w; Star 3 f w; Lulu 2 f w.
  1880 US Census, Illinois, Macon, Friends Creek Twp, ED 152,p 3, line 22, 23/23. O'Neil Barney w m 41 farmer b OH F-Ire m-Ire; Wife Isabel w f 37 b IL F-Can M-OH; dau Armenia w f 13 b IL; dau Star w f 11 b IL; dau Lulu w f 9 b IL; son Hugh w m 7 b IL; dau Mary w f 5 b IL; son Barney w m 4 b IL.
  Marriage date per "Surname Search by Hunting for Bears Genealogical Society" Early (pre 1900) Marriages in the State of Illinois. Dec 1992.
  Marriage date per "Macon County Illinois Marriage Records" 1861-1870, Vol III. Decatur Genealogical Society, 1990. p 30. 1865. Barney O'Neal - Isabell Long Apr 27 by D. C. Marquis Minister of the Gospel.
  Illinois Statewide Marrige Index, 1763-1900. Barney ONeal/Isabell Long4/27/1865 Macon Co,IL
  Place of burial per De Witt County Genealogical Society. Jul 1993. date illegible.
  Information from Jeannie (Laura Jean Long) Finch, July 2001.
Note:   1850 Census 551/556 (From De Witt County Genealogical Soc Jul 1993.) Long, Jacob 41 farme is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.