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  1. Maria Magdalena "Molly" (Edelmann) Attleman: Birth: 24 FEB 1766 in Berks County, PA. Death: ABT 1809 in Hoyle's Creek, Lincoln County, North Carolina

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  # ID: I08100 # Name: Johann Peter EDELMANN # Sex: M # ALIA: John /Edelmann/ # Birth: 19 MAR 1714/15 in Rothenberg, GERMANY 1 # Death: ABT 1797 in Lincoln Co., NC 2 # Note:
  According to Ethel Stroupe, he may have been born in Baltimore Co., MD
  He witnessed a 1776 deed concerning Leeper Creek for Adam Cloninger, in Lincoln Co., NC, so was in LCNC by that date.
  from: 29. Johann Peter3 Edelmann (Peter2, Johannes1) was born in Rothenberg, Germany 19 March 1715.(59) Johann died abt 1797 Lincoln Co, NC. It was sometimes customary for German parents to give away their lands to their children upon retirement to avoid probate court while some transactions may have been poorly recorded or lost prior to the development of the nation (1789) making it difficult to trace all of the land, marriage, birth events, etc. Also, the counties of Tryon and Lincoln transformed several times, being much larger and even encompassing part of what is now South Carolina when they were first formed.
  He married Maria Elisabetha Heckmann in Rothenberg, Germany, 14 January 1749. Maria was born in Rothenberg, Germany 30 September 1725.(60) Maria Elisabetha's grandfather (also Johann Sebastian Heckmann), was the mayor of Rothenberg. Maria was the daughter of Johann Sebastian (Jr) Heckmann and Anna Margaretha Bartmann.
  She emigrated, 26 October 1754. Point of origin: Germany. He emigrated, 26 October 1754. Point of origin: Germany.(61) Ship "Mary & Sarah" - 26 October 1754...... Passenger list includes: Peter Edelman, Johannes Edelmann, Johann Bartman, J. Adam Heckman, Johan George Edelman, Hans Edelman.
  Johann registered to pay taxes Rowan Co, NC, 1778. Peter Edelmann, Peter Edelmann "the elder" and Bastian Edelmann (with various spellings of Edelmann) were on this tax list. Whether or not one of these Peter's is this Johann Peter Edelmann remains to be proven. Many German immigrants were settling in North Carolina in today's counties of Lincoln, Rowan, Surry and surrounding areas between 1750 and 1800. Early on, the counties were much larger, such as Rowan and Anson Counties, but were later divided. In 1768 Tryon County was formed from Mecklenburg County. Until 1772, Tryon County encompassed what is now York, Chester, Union, Cherokee and Spartanburg SC. In 1779, Rutherford County was formed from the western portion of Tryon County while Lincoln County was formed from the eastern portion of Tryon County. In 1841 Cleveland County was formed from part of Lincoln County, in 1842 Catawba County was formed from part of Lincoln and in 1846 Gaston County was formed from part of Lincoln.
  Johann was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census Lincoln Co, NC. 1790 census for Lincoln Co. NC - Jno. Addleman...1 white male over 16, 2 white females, 2 white males under 16 and; Peter Adleman...3 white males over 16, 3 white females. Many German immigrants migrated south from Pennsylvania to North Carolina between 1750 and 1800. It appears that my Edelmann family lived in Montgomery Co. PA from about 1754 until 1766-68 and them migrated to North Carolina. During this time period, the Edelmann spelling went through a variety of changes before settling on the Eddleman variation my family uses today. In the 1790 census for Morgan District, Lincoln County, NC in what is called the "ninth company", there are many names of people who married an Eddleman, stood as bondsmen or were purchasing land adjacent to one another. Here are some of Peter Adleman's and Jno Addleman's neighbors listed on the aforementioned census: Nantz, Abernathy, Lear, Dellinger, Reel, Master, Stoup, Eaker, Cloniger, Club, Ridicil, Shoup, Forney, Goodson, Hager, Swanson, Rhyne, Eaker, Money, Cyzer, Mooney and Moany.
  Johann Peter Edelmann and Maria Elisabetha Heckmann had the following children:
  + 65 i. Johann Sebastian (Boston)4 Edelmann was born 14 December 1749.
  + 66 ii. Johannes (John) Edelmann was born 23 October 1751. 67 iii. Maria Catherina Edelmann was born in Rothenberg, Germany 18 September 1753. She married Johann Leonhard (Sifford) Sieffert Rowan Co, NC, before 1780. There is mention in more than one family history of a Leonard Sifford who married an Eddleman. There is also the close connection of Peter Eddleman, who served in the Revolutionary War for Leonard Sifford, and then moved to Lincoln Co. after the war.
  Johann was born Odenwald GER 11 March 1743.(62) The Sifford family of Rowan Co is easily traced to the Odenwald village of Olfen and subsequently to Airlenbach and Finkenbach. The family had immigrated to Olfen from Switzerland (Wendenberg). Johann was the son of Joachim Sieffert and Eva Liesabeth Edelmann.
  Johann died after 1806 Lincoln Co, NC. He emigrated, 1753. Point of origin: Rotterdam.(63) Joh. Leonhard would have been about 10 years old when his family came to America on the ship "Two Brothers".
  He resided Lincoln Co, NC 2 April 1789.(64) Leonard Safaret living on Poplar Branch and Lick Fork of Buffalo Creek. (See Johann Leonhard (Sifford) Sieffert for the continuation of this line.) The information that this Eddleman was named Catherine Ann comes from the lds records AFN: 1NRS-OVG. This information is not verified.
  68 iv. Johann Georg Edelmann was born in Montgomery Co, PA 26 March 1756.(65) Baptized at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Red Hill, Montgomery Co, PA.
  69 v. Maria Elizabetha Edelmann was born in Montgomery Co, PA 11 March 1758. This may not be the same Elisabeth. Conflicting information comes from Stroup descendant Ron Nota who says that Elisabeth is the dau. of Johann Sebastian (Boston) Edelmann and was born about 1773 in Pennsylvania. My information infers that Boston was already in NC by 1773. She married George Stroup Lincoln Co, NC, 20 May 1793. Boston Eddleman's signature "mark" can be found on Elizabeth's marriage bond to George Stroup. Boston signed with a circle with a dot in the middle.
  George was born about 1770. George was the son of Jacob (Sr.) Stroup and Nancy Rhyne. George died 1827 Cape Girardeau Co., MO, at 57 years of age. He bought property Lincoln Co, NC, 24 February 1801. LC, NC DB 22:333 - 24 February 1801 - Jacob made deed to George Stroup for 200 A granted to Jacob 23 April 1773 (actually 1775) on both sides of Thrashing Floor Branch. (made deed - purchased by or given to George?)
  He bought property Cape Girardeau, MO, 22 December 1820. CGC, MO DB F:335 - 22 Dec 1820 - Matthew Hubbel deeds 300 A on Craders Hog Creek to George Stroup.
  He made a will CGC, MO, 2 April 1827. To wife Catherine; daus. Annie and Fanny Stroup. (See George Stroup for the continuation of this line.)
  She was baptized in Montgomery Co, PA, aft 11 March 1758. Religion: Lutheran.(66) Sponsors J. Georg Edelmann and Maria Catherina.
  Maria was confirmed at 17 years of age Rowan Co, NC, 1775.(67) Maria Elisabetha Edelmann could be the one confirmed in 1775 at Second Creek. Lorena Shell Eaker says in her book that this George Stroup and Elizabeth are probably the ones who moved to MO. and he died there in 1826.
  70 vi. Eva M. Edelmann was born in Montgomery Co, PA 8 August 1760. Eva died 5 August 1838 in Rutherford Co, NC, at 77 years of age. Her body was interred after 5 August 1838 in Rutherford Co, NC, Oak Grove Unt. Methodist Cemeter. Eva M. is buried with her husband John. She married John Edwards Lincoln Co, NC, 4 May 1789.
  John was born abt 1758. John was listed as the head of a family on the 1800 Census Lincoln Co, NC.(68) 30010 - 20010.
  John was listed as the head of a family on the 1810 Census Lincoln Co, NC.(69) 03001 - 01101. (See John Edwards for the continuation of this line.)
  She was baptized in Red Hill, Montgomery Co, PA, after 8 August 1760. Religion: Lutheran. Apparently, John and Eve moved to RDC, NC according to Lorena Shell Eaker's book-"German Speaking People West of the Catawba in NC 1750-1800".
  71 vii. Peter Edelmann was born in Montgomery Co, PA 15 September 1762. There is no further record of this Peter, so there is confusion as to whether or not the 1764 Peter is the same person or named Peter after this first Peter who may have died in infancy. (Also, Peter Eddleman who marr. Rachel Elrod, Surry Co, NC, has the same birthdate and a baptismal record from Red Hill, PA as proof. There is some confusion here...) He was baptized in Red Hill, Montgomery Co, PA, aft 15 September 1762. Religion: Lutheran.(70) Mother's name given as "Anna" Elisabeth, however. No further details.
  + 72 viii. Peter Eddleman was born 14 Nov 1764. 73 ix. Maria Magdalena (Molly) Edelmann was born in Berks Co, PA 24 February 1766. Maria died before 1811 Lincoln Co, NC. She married Philip Stroup Lincoln Co, NC, 9 May 1789. Philip was born Major's Choice, Baltimore Co., MD 16 August 1764. Philip was the son of Jacob (Sr.) Stroup and Nancy Rhyne. Philip died 13 April 1837 Hoyle's Creek, Lincoln Co., NC, at 72 years of age. Philip was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census Lincoln Co, NC. Philip Stroup: 1 male under 16; 1 male over 16; 1 female. Listed under ninth company in census index.
  Philip was listed as the head of a family on the 1800 Census Lincoln Co, NC. Philip Stroup: 2 males under 10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 26-45.
  Philip's will was probated Lincoln Co, NC, July 1837. LC, NC Wills: 8 Nov 1836, porbated July 1837: To Katherine; to Henry Stroup, Levi Stroup, Joan Stroup, Joseph F. Stroup, Philip Stroup, Peter Stroup, Solomon Stroup, Rosann Stroup, Nancy Stroup; sons Eli Stroup, John Stroup, Jacob Stroup, Moses Stroup, David Stroup, Jonas Stroup; daus Elizabeth Stroup, Dicy Stroup, Ann Stroup, Susa Stroup. Exec. sons Henry and Levi Stroup. (See Philip Stroup for the continuation of this line.)
  She was baptized in Reading, Berks Co, PA, after 24 February 1766. Religion: Lutheran.(71) Sponsors were Peter and Maria Magdalena Heclmann.
  Maria was confirmed at 17 years of age Lincoln Co, NC, 1783.(72) Molly was confirmed at Killian's Settlement as "Male". Some of my earlier information about Molly (as she was called) came from the Lorena Shell Eaker book "German Speaking People West of the Catawba River in NC between 1750-1800" that is known to have inaccuracies about the Eddleman families. Later information from the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon Co, Inc. November 1999 Bulletin documenting the "Edelmann Family of Rothenberg" has confirmed or corrected some of this earlier information.
  + 74 x. David Eddleman was born abt 1768-1769. Marriage 1 Maria Elisabetha HECKMANN b: 30 SEP 1725 in Rothenberg, GERMANY
  * Married: 14 JAN 1748/49 in Rothenberg, GERMANY 2 Children
  1. Johann Sebastian EDLEMANN b: 14 DEC 1749 in Bucks Co., PA 2. Johannes EDLEMANN b: 23 OCT 1752 3. Johann Georg EDLEMANN b: 26 MAR 1756 in Montgomery Co., PA 4. Maria Elizabetha EDELMANN b: 11 MAR 1758 in Montgomery Co., PA 5. Eva M EDELMANN b: 8 AUG 1760 in Montgomery Co., PA 6. Peter EDELMANN b: 15 SEP 1762 in Montgomery Co., PA 7. Peter EDELMANN b: 14 NOV 1764 in PA 8. Maria Magdalena EDELMANN b: 24 FEB 1766 in Berks Co., PA 9. David EDELMANN b: ABT 1769 sourceURL:
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