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Marriage: Children:
  1. Connie Inez Hiatt: Birth: 15 Jul 1913 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 1 Sep 2006 in Mt.Airy,Surry Co,North Carolina

  2. Cora Lee "Pethal" Hiatt: Birth: 4 Apr 1914 in Salsbury, Rowan Co, North Carolina. Death: 7 Jul 1945 in Surry Co, North Carolina

  3. Margie Evelyn Hiatt: Birth: 6 Oct 1926 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 9 Apr 1982 in Orange Co, North Carolina

1. Title:   My Ancester's
 Ancestor's of Bertha Alice Lowe
 Lowe Family
Author:   Phillip J. Clark
 Phillip Judson Clark
 Ruth (Sykes) Bloom
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a. Note:   Life Story of My Grandma Bertha Alice Lowe Before I went to school mother taught me to play the organ "Jesus lover of my soul" with one finger. She played the guitar and organ sang with her sisters you see. My sister sang this song in her sleep the tune lingered. I told my daddy she was "my pretty Mama" Daddy said "no" she was" his pretty Mama" It made them laugh to see me fuss over her. Daddy and Mother loved each other happy they were. They lived in a two room house with a spring behind. Mother and Aunt
  Della were two close sisters. Mother had pneumonia was sick at times. Aunt Della came to help her and be with her. Mother had one brother and seven sisters, nine in all. Her father had asthma, she had a hard working mother. Her brother worked hard plowing in dreams the mule he called . All the children
  worked hard on the farm helping each other. Her sister became invalid at eighteen. Couldn't walk no more, she helped me with my homework. When I passed her house off the bus her mind was keen. Mother visited her often seeing her helpless made her hurt. Mother and daddy married at eighteen and twenty-one. They moved out in their little house on the farm. In just three months her daddy died, was gone in one month more her mother passed away with no warning. Their passing gave her sadness so soon. When she should have been
  happy and gay. She bravely worked out her problem at home. She and daddy made their home happy anyway. I grew up with love and peace from dad and mother. Had many good times, she taught morals true. She taught us to love one another and help others. She babysat for all my kids when I worked too. Helped them off to school with a good meal. Taught them obedience- to keep yard
  clean.Had pretty shrubbery around house, grass mowed neat. On mother's day we went to church with a rose. On saturday we went to town down the street we'd go. We'd go to High Point to visit her sister in spring. They would play precious memories and sing. Aunt Della started a reunion on her shady lawn, of their beautiful rock house she hoped all would come. Uncle Willie built the house from rocks from the creek. Mother and Aunt Della visited a lot was neat.
  My daddy died in '52, mother was shocked so, was hard for her to go on. and to let him go. I helped her with her problems on the farm She had broken leg, sickness of different forms. She had pneumonia I stayed fifteen days with her in the hospital several times so she have no fear. She helped reuben many times when in need. She loved him so much gave advice to heed. She sold land to neighbors nearby. She rented her land for tobacco and rye. When we looked at TV she would patiently wait. Said she rather read and talk of scriptures today. when daddy read the book of mormon at night.Mama was lonely - he said "you should read alright. She did read doctrine and covenants one day. She knew it was the true church, the right away.
  Mother got old and sick many times. It hurt me to see her not feeling fine. One time when 87 she fell and broke her rib. We knew We carried to the hospital, all we knew to do to see if they could help her miore than we could. She took pueumonia, their help was no good. She got weaker and weaker and passed away. My dear loving mother left us that day. To travel in a land with my daddy to see. Whom we loved so dearly and wanted to see. It hurts so much to not see her anymore. But we know we will see her on that lovely shore. She will be young, happy, beautiful when we meet and so happy to see us again on the gold street.
  To see her daddy and mother and two sisters and husband, when Jesus comes back to earth again. She is nearby us in the spirit world there. With all her loved ones very busy there. We have had our family sealed in the temple for all time. All our family and coralie my adopted sister. When we all get together that will be fine. Coralie has been gone a long time, I miss her. Our families can be forever, what greater heaven could we have at all If we could only prepare for heaven, and we can be ready when he calls. I am so thankful for my dear daddy and mother, the good they taught me, also the gospel true. We can meet all our kin sisters and brothers, with no more sickness or trouble, the earth will be new.
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