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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hester Ann Lowe: Birth: 26 Oct 1870 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 22 Jan 1930 in High Point, Guilford Co, North Carolina

  2. Martha Frances Lowe: Birth: 22 Apr 1872 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 22 Aug 1962 in High Point, Guilford Co, North Carolina

  3. Minnie Jane Lowe: Birth: 2 Jul 1874 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 14 Mar 1959 in High Point, Guilford Co, North Carolina

  4. Lamecia Emma Lowe: Birth: 5 Aug 1877 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 20 Jun 1965

  5. Perdita Lowe: Birth: 1 Jun 1879 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 27 Aug 1932

  6. James Alexander Lowe: Birth: 3 Oct 1885 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 3 Dec 1968 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina

  7. Ida Elizabeth Lowe: Birth: 3 Jun 1888 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 19 Aug 1966 in Greensboro, Guilford Co, North Carolina

  8. Bertha Alice Lowe: Birth: 4 Apr 1890 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 14 Oct 1977 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina

  9. Della Lowe: Birth: 7 Oct 1892 in Mt.Airy, Surry Co, North Carolina. Death: 23 Sep 1981 in Glenola, North Carolina

1. Title:   Lowe Family
Author:   Ruth (Sykes) Bloom
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a. Note:   jesse sawyers lowe was born january 16,1840. the son of robert n. lowe and lucretia sawyers lowe. robert lowe was a school teacher,also taught vocal music. he taught school till he was old. jesse lowe was married to elizabeth walters,the daughter of richard walters and rebecca rice walters. elizabeth was born may 26,1850 in patrick county,virginia. to this union was born 9 children; 8 girls and 1 boy. jesse bought a farm of 217 acres in surry county,NC.,near the stoney creek church.he gave the land to build the church on. he never joined any church because he didn,t know which was right. he built a house near the road out of the best of heart pine lumber, obtained from the trees in the forest on the farm. it is standing yet in good condition. it has recently been painted. it is most a hundred years old. he was a farmer,growed tobacco but it sold cheap in those days. we didn,t have much money,but raised most of our living on the farm. he raised large crops of corn and most wheat,enough for bread, and some rye and oats to feed farm stock.raised cattle,milk cows and beef cattle. raised hogs and furnished most enough meat for the family year around. he made a cane crop every year and bought a cane mill and evaperater, made syrup for ourselves and the neighbers,too. we had plenty and sold some.he kept bees and had honey for the family the year around. i can remember in the summertime the bees would swarm, a new family going out to theirselves most every day near twelve o,clock. he would go out and hive them and hardly ever get a sting. he kept a tenant farmer to help tend the land. my mother raised large flocks of chickens, some guineas and some ducks, all fed from the grain raised on the farm. he planted a good sized family orchard near the house and when all the trees were in bloom it was a beautiful sight. i remember my sister and i playing in the orchard at twilight and hearing the whippoorwills calling from one tree to another. when the apples got ripe, my father would carry a load to mount airy to sell every few days. he had a nephew that lived there and his little boy and his friends would meet him and help him sell them. he always gave them all the apples they wanted. he also had a grape vineyard. we had all the grapes we wanted and sold some. i remember when relatives came he gave them boxes full to carry home with them. in autumn when the late apples would get ripe, we would pick them off the trees and store them in the barn for winter use. some times we would have apples the year around. we had a large keifer pear tree that bore abundantly. we picked them and stored them. sometimes my mother would bring them out to all the family seated around the old fashioned fire place of blazing logs and pine knots we also raised popcorn. we would sit around the fire and pop corn and eat it until bedtime. my father made a large round turn table. he had seen one to patternize. the top part would turn; the food was placed on it and everyone helped himself. it was the custon in most homes to have the kitchen built a few steps away from the dwelling house. we had a good sized cabin house and an attic that had a winding staircase. this building was used only to cook and eat in. we had a cellar underneath it. we raised lots of irish potatoes and sweet potatoes and stored them in the celler for winter use. we most always kept enough for the family and seed,s to plant in the springtime. my youngest sister and i were the same size and most every stranger that saw us thought we were twins. i remember one time when my father came from the store with a turn of new shoes for us children. he gave the others their shoes and just to tease me and della, he gave us one a piece. we fretted and rebelled about that. he said we could wear one of the old ones. when he finally gave us the others, one of us had both shoes for the right feet and the other one had both for the left. mother told him to straighten it out with us. she had laughed till she had tears runing down her cheeks. then when we were getting ready one time for a last day of school program, we wanted new slippers and they got us new dresses instead. we tried them on and he said we could go bare-footed to school. it was warm weather and so we fretted about it for awhile. then he gave us the new slippers he had bought. we were happy then and he had some fun teasing us. we had our sorrows as well as our joys. my father had asthma for several years and one of my sisters had some kind of heart trouble for a long time. she was confined to her bed and wheel chair. she taught us many lessons from school books and read bible stories to us. my father died february 13, 1911. my mother died march 7, 1911. then after they died, the farm was divided up among the heirs and all have sold their shares and moved away but myself, and jim, my brother. there are 16 homes and 2 stores built along the road that runs through what used to be my father,s farm. since then the first hard surface road was built in this country. before this hard surface road was built, we used to see large herds of cattle, hogs, and sheep pass the road going north to market. it was thrilling to hear them coming; the riders hellering with the dogs barking to keep them together. some times there would be hogs near a hundred or more. we would sit on the porch and pick out what we thought was the prettiest. sometimes they would come near the house and the riders would come and herd them back to the road. then sometimes there would come droves of cows, seem like there were several hundred lowing, the drivers and dogs driving them along. the prettiest sight was a drove of sheep. it seemed there were thousands of them walking along. they walked along slowly bleating.
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