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Marriage: Children:
  1. SAMUEL MAGRUDER: Birth: 24 JAN 1707/08 in Prince George's Co., MD, at the home Plantation known as "Alexander". Death: JUN 1786 in Montgomery Co., MD

  2. John Magruder: Birth: 11 OCT 1709. Death: 1782

  3. Ninian Magruder: Birth: 5 APR 1711 in Prince George's Co., MD. Death: 1805

  4. Sarah Magruder: Birth: 19 MAR 1713/14.

  5. Elizabeth Magruder: Birth: 4 OCT 1717.

  6. Anne "Ann" Magruder: Birth: ABT 1719.

  7. Nathaniel Magruder: Birth: 30 OCT 1721.

  8. James Magruder: Birth: BET 1723 AND 1726. Death: BET 1790 AND 1795

  9. Rebecca Magruder: Birth: 7 FEB 1725/26 in Prince George's Co., MD. Death: 12 JUN 1810

  10. Rachel Magruder: Birth: JAN 1726/27.

  11. Verlinda Magruder: Birth: ABT 1730 in Prince George's Co., MD.

a. Note:   "American Clan Gregor Society Year Book 1928" "PROOF OF MARRIAGE TO NINIAN MAGRUDER OF ELIZABETH BREWER, by Mrs. Jennie Morton Dale Assisted by Robert Lee Magruder, Jr. "This indenture Tripartiti: Made ye 10 day of August of ye Year of our Lord 1712 and in ye 10 year of ye Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne by ye Grace of God Queen of Great Britain and France and Ireland defender of the faith and between NINIAN MAGRUDER of Prince George County in ye province of Maryland, planter, and Eliza. his wife in ye first part, JOSEPH BREWER of ye county of Anne Arundel Province, planter of the second part, JOSEPH BREWER of ye County of Anne Arundel of said Province of ye third part. Witnesseth ye whereas John Brewer late of Anne Arundel County, deceased, father of ye above named John Brewer party of these presents did by his late will and testament give and bequeath unto ye child wherewith his wife Sarah Brewer then went with 150 acres of land to be taken by ye said will given to his said son John Brewer party hereto which 150 acres of land next adjoining to ye line known by ye name of Edward Selby's line which child named is ye Eliza, wife of ye above Ninian Magruder adjoining prov'd in his said will that if either of his said children dye without issue ye said land to fall to next heir being ye above named Joseph Brewer as in and by ye said will relac on bering then unto had doth and may appear. Now this indenture further witnesseth that ye said Ninian Magruder and Elizabeth his wife and ye said Joseph Brewer for and in consideration of ye sum of 120 pounds of good and lawful money of England to them in hand paid at and before ensealing delivering here by ye said Joseph Brewer, the ----hereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof do fully acquit, exonerate and discharge the said Joseph Brewer, his assigns forover all of ye 150 acres of land so bequeathed as and to be taken out of ye 700 acres of land as ye said together with all trees, timber, trees woods houses and dwelling houses, outhouses tobacco house, orchards, gardens, fences and other appurtenances to ye 700 acres belonging and all the title and right they ye said Ninian Magruder Eliza his wife and the said Joseph Brewer and assigns. Witness hereunto the said Ninian Magruder and Eliza his wife and said Joseph Brewer have hereto set their hands and seals ye day and year above. (Signed) Ninian Magruder (Seal), Eliza Magruder (Seal), Joseph Brewer (Seal). In presence of: Richard Duckett, Thomas O. Kenmans (His mark), Land 'Collierby'. "This indenture Triparti, recorded in the land records of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, PK 1708-1712, folio 309, is important in that it contains actual proof of marriage to Ninian Magruder of Elizabeth Brewer. "Ninian Magruder, born 1686, died the second son of Samuel Magruder I (1634-1710; Note: this s/b 1654-1711. CJH) and his wife Sarah (Beall) Magruder (1669-1734) daughter of Colonel Ninian Beall......" ....."Colonel Ridgely's will, unique in its quaint wording, on file at Annapolis, is of course quite valuable to the descendants of Elizabeth Brewer and Ninian Magruder, her husband, but as an example of his Christian character and keen foresight in providing bountifully for the members of his household, it is a priceless document."
  "Magruder Family Data," "NINIAN MAGRUDER, of Samuel and Sarah (Beall), was b. 1686, and d. 1757. He m. Elizabeth Brewer, b. 1690....."
  SAMUEL MAGRUDER, 3RD by Robert Lee Magruder, Jr.
  "Samuel Magruder, 3rd (1708-1786) of Prince George's County, Maryland, Frederick (1748) and Montgomery (1776), when these counties were created, was the son of Ninian Magruder (1686-1751) and Elizabeth Brewer; grandson of Samuel Magruder (1654-1711) and Sarah Beall; and great-grandson of Alexander Magruder, the immigrant, and his wife Margaret Braithwaite.
  "Samuel Magruder 3rd, was born (s/b Baptism) February 24th 1708, on his father's home plantation, known as "Alexandria" in Prince George's County, Maryland. His birth is recorded in the Parish Register of St. Barnabas" Protestant Episcopal Church, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland.
  Children of Ninian Magruder and Elizabeth Brewer: Samuel Magruder, son of Ninian and Elizabeth, born January 24, 1708. John Magruder, son of Ninian and Elizabeth, born October 11, 1709. Ninian Magruder, son of Ninian and Elizabeth, born April 5, 1711. Sarah Magruder, daughter of Ninian and Elizabeth, born March 19, 1713/1714. Elizabeth Magruder, daughter of Ninian and Elizabeth, born October 4, 1717. Nathaniel Magruder, son of Ninian and Elizabeth, born October 30, 1721. Rebecca Magruder, daughter of Ninian and Elizabeth, born February 7, 1725. Rachel Magruder, daughter of Ninian and Elizabeth, born January 1726/1727.
  "The will of Ninian Magruder, executed May 6, 1751, probated June 26, 1751, is recorded in Will Book I, Prince George's County, Maryland, and in it he mentioned as heirs the children above names and in addition thereto, son James and daughters Verlinda Magruder and Ann Clagett.
  "The witnesses to Ninian Magruder's will were James Magruder, Nathaniel Magruder, Jeremiah Magruder and James Gibson....."
  "The will further states 'To my eleven children, Samuel, John, Ninian, Nathaniel, James, Sarah Beall, Elizabeth Perry, Ann Clagett, Rebecca Offutt, Rachel Clagett and Verlinda, the remaining estate', and he appointed his son James as executor."
  SOURCES: "American Clan Gregor Society Year Book 1928", Proceedings of Nineteenth Annual Gathering; pg. 57, Article: "Proof of Marriage to Ninian Magruder of Elizabeth Brewer." "Magruder Family Data," Compiled from Mackenzie's "Colonial Families of the United States" 1:348 ff. Compiled mainly by Mrs. John H. Williams, with additonal notes added by Robert Barnes. Parish Register of St. Barnabas Protestant Episcopal Church, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: "Descendants of Nicholas and Magaret Bailey of Westchester, NY and Allied Families," by Peter McManus, [email protected] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.