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  1. Nathan II ha-David : Death: AFT 400

1. Title:   Jamie, "FabPed Genealogy," database, Jamie, <i>Fabulous Pedigree Genealogy</i> ( accessed ), .
Page:   Accessed; 27 October 2015;

a. Note:   From One Great Family: <u>
  </u>AbbaMari Ben MarukbaHa David Birth date: Birth place: , , , Babylon  Death date:  370 Death place:   , , , <b>Ha David Family </b>Parents: Father: UqbaII Ben Nehemiah Ha David Mother: Spouse:  Siblings: Abba Mari Ben Marukba Ha David Children: Kahana Ben Abba I Ha Schlomo Ha David ____________________________
  From: <b>Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors & Cousins </b><u>
  </u><b>Abba "Mari", 20th Exilarch1 </b>M, #102938, d. 370 Father Mar-Ukba III, 17th Exilarch1 d. 320 Abba "Mari", 20th Exilarch died in 370.1 <b>Family </b>Children: +Kahane I, 23rd Exilarch<b>+</b>1 d. 415 +Nathan II, 21st Exilarch<b>+</b>1 d. c 400 <b>Citations </b>[S54] Middle & Far East Families, Babylonian Exilarchs, 2nd Dynasty. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.