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1. Title:   éééBonaventure Arsenault, <i>Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens, vols. 1-6; 1630-1775</i> (Quebec, Le Conseil de la Vie Francaise en Amerique, 1965)
Page:   p. 1105 (Grand Pré)

a. Note:   . II, no. 1 (spring 1969); p. 55; California State Library Sutro, CS80 F7. "Pierre-Jacques BERTRAND, son of Pierre & Marie-Josephte MOULAISON of Pobomcoup (Pubnico, N.S.), married at Cherbourg on 28 Feb 1764 to Catherine BOURG, daughter of Charles & Marguerite LANDRY.
Albert J. Robichaux, <i>THE ACADIAN EXILES IN NANTES; 1775- 1785</i>; Harvey, LA, Author, 1978; p. 13; Salt Lake LDS Family History Library, Europe 944.14 D2r. "Pierre BERTRAND, born about 1734, a seaman. He married about 1763 to Catherine BOURG; five children listed, all baptized at St. Jacques Parish of Nantes, France. Pierre with wife and 5 children were in the Third Convoy leaving Chatellerault for Nantes on 7 Dec 1775. With his wife and 7 children (named) he was head of family #30 aboard '<i>La Bergere</i>' which departed France on 12 May 1785 and arrived in Louisiana on 15 Aug 1785."
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