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2. Title:   Karen DeCoste Perusse, <i>The Wonderful World of Decoste's, </i>DeCoste Family Web Site
Note:   KAREN DECOSTE PERUSSE, Largo, FL United States (727)596-7070 Fax: (727)596-3617 <p> Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees 9with links): Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jean Boucher User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Pierre Bergeron User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Louis Perusse Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jacques Coste
Text:   I am the oldest daughter of nine children born to Mary Dorothy COOPER and the late Frederick Charles DECOSTE. I have traced my fathers paternal line back to 1585 and his maternal line BOUCHER back to 1563 in St. Malo, France. Most of the DECOSTE were from the Havre Boucher area of Nova Scotia.. Originally from Marsailles, France many of the DeCostes came to the Boston area of Massachusetts, where I grew up. My grandparents were Frederick Fidel DECOSTE married to Leah Alice BOUCHER and Frederick L. COOPER married to Mary Oguida BERGERON. There were many children in the DECOSTE/BOUCHER lines and many of these DeCostes married Bouchers. A few of the names connected with my line are: LANGLOIS, BRIAND, LEBLANC, PETITPAS, LEVANGIE, LEVANDIER, FOUGERE, LARUE AND JACOBS. Let's swap information. <p> I have recently been successful in tracing my mother's maternal side. It is just in the beginning stages so I would appreciate any help I can get. My grandmother's line is the BERGERON and LARUE families of Ontario and Quebec. <p> Last updated: November 1, 2000
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Address:   The Wonderful World of Decoste's DATE: 9 Apr 2000
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