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2. Title:   Stephen A. White, <i>Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes, Volume: I A-G; II H-Z</i> (Centre D'études Acadiennes - Universitâe de Moncton, Moncton (N.-B.), EiA 3E9, 1999)
Page:   p . 1489
3. Title:   éééBonaventure Arsenault, <i>Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens, vols. 1-6; 1630-1775</i> (Quebec, Le Conseil de la Vie Francaise en Amerique, 1965)
Page:   pp. 805 (P ort Royal) & 1293 (Grand Pré)
4. Title:   Yvon Cyr, "Acadian Census 1678," database, Yvon Cyr, <i>Acadian Genealogy</i> (file:///D:/!My%20Genealogy/Genea%20Research/Places/!Acadia/!Acadian%20Census/1678%20Census/census1678.html: accessed ), ; citing "French Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review", Volume VII, No. 1, Spring 1979, pp. 47-66, Translated by Rev. Clarence J. d'Entremont.
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Text:   The 1678 census of Acadia presented in the following eight messages was publishedin the "French Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review", Volume VII, No. 1, Spring 1979, pp. 47-66.It was translated into English for publication by Rev. Clarence J. d'Entremont. He has inserted some comments insquare brackets [ ] to clarify portions of the census. The original article was profusely footnoted. I have removedall of his notes as to the possible identification of the children in the census, but have left his estimate asto each child's year of birth following their age as it appears in the census, but have left his estimate as toeach child's year of birth following their age as it appears in the census. These years did NOT appear in the census.From his comparison to the census of 1671 and 1686, he had determined that this census was possibly taken in thelater part of 1678, but more likely in the early part of 1679.
5. Title:   Tim Hebert, "Census of Port Royal 1678," database, Tim Hebert, <i>Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History</i> (file:///D:/!My%20Genealogy/Genea%20Research/Places/!Acadia/!Acadian%20Census/1678%20Census/1678cens.htm: accessed ), ; citing Correlated by Rev. Clarence J. d'Entremont.
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Text:   <b>Column (a) is the age according to the 1678 census. Column (b) is the birth year, calculated from the 1678 census. Column (c) is the name of the child according to the censuses in whichthe name occurs. Column (d) is the birth year, calculated from the 1671 census. Column (e) is the birth year, calculated from the 1686 census.</b>

a. Note:   oronto Press, 1969; p. 625; Sutro California State Library, F1005 D49 v.2; contains 44 Acadian biographies. "Pierre TERRIOT (he signed thus), one of the founders of Les Mines (Grand Pré, Nova Scotia), was last-born in 1654 or 1655 of the seven children of Jehan & Perrine RUAU (or BAU), and husband of Cécile LANDRY, daughter of René & Marie BERNARD. His nephew Mathieu de GOUTIN said of him: 'Pierre Theriot['s] wife embraces two thirds of the colony.' In a letter dated 9 Sep 1694 he also said that TERRIOT 'is the most notable person at Les Mines, of which he is so to speak the founder, for he has assisted almost all those who have come to establish themselves there, and his house is the refuge of all widows and orphans and people in need.' Having no children of his own, four or five of his nephews lived with him 'until such time as their own dwelling was habitable.' (Reference: AN, Col., B, 17, f.23v ; C11D, 2, F.233.)"
From Article by Sally Ross & Susan Surette-Draper, <i>St-Charles-des-Mines Cemetery in Grand-Pré.</i> The Thériot family... "played an important role in the Minas region. Pierre Thériot and his wife Cécile Landry had the reputation of being very welcoming. Having no children of their own, they offered lodging and support to the young men who came to the Grand-Pré area to develop their lands and build their homes before relocating their families. Ultimately, this practice led to a certain amount of gossip, which eventually involved the parish priest, the governor of the colony, and even the bishop in Quebec!"
<i>DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY ONLINE</i>. "A man of adequate schooling--his signature appears in the parish registers."
Conrad W. Trahan, "<i>A Closer Look at Documents of the Period</i>," in LE RÉVEIL ACADIEN; 1711-1712; vol. XIII, no. 4 (Nov 1997); p. 88; "Pierre TERRIOT is listed in requests for payment of sums due the inhabitants of Acadia for goods delivered to various warring parties against the British which were led by Baron de St. CASTIN and de CLINGANCOURT during the war of 1711-1712. He claimed 28 pounds for food and other items; he and Germain TERRIOT [not his brother, who had already died, but the nephew born in 1662?] claimed 114 pounds for a canoe and supplies."
<b>Notes forPierre Theriot:</b> [Pitre Trail] - 1686 Les Mines: Philippe Terio 32, Cecile Landry 22, Jacques Martin servant; 9 cattle, 8 hogs, 16 arpents, 1 gun. - 1693 Les Mines: Pierre Theriot 39, wife Cecile Landry 29, 2 servants; 22 cattle, 8 sheep, 8 hogs, 16 arpents,1 gun. - 1701 Riviere des Canards: Pierre Terriot, wife; 20 cattle, 6 sheep, 12 hogs, 9 arpents, 1 gun. - 1703 Les Mines: Pierre Terriot, wife. - 1707 Les Mines: Pierre Therriot, wife; 20 cattle, 14 sheep, 16 hogs, 14 arpents - 1714 Les Mines: Pierre Terriot, wife.
Note:   <i>DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY; 1701-1740</i>; vol. 2 , Univ. of T
b. Note:   . Charles aux Mines in Acadia, from Grand Pré, carried into exile to St. Gabriel Church of Iberville, LA, p. 187: "Pierre TERIO, age 60 [sic], buried 22 Mar 1725, died 24 (sic) Mar 1725. No witnesses given. Recorded as (SGA-2, 164)."
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