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  • Married: Susan on BET 1587 AND 1620.1
  • Susan : Birth: BET 1566 AND 1585. Death: BET 1588 AND 1670
  1. James Cole: Birth: BET 1588 AND 1615 in England. Death: 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

  2. 1st James Cole: Birth: ABT 1600 in London, London, England. Death: BET 1642 AND 1691 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

1. Title:   World Family Tree Vol. 15, Ed. 1
Page:   Tree #0393
Author:   Brøderbund Software, Inc.
Publication:   Name: Release date: November 20, 1997;
Note continued:   Source Medium: Family Archive CD
  Customer pedigree.

2. Title:   Conlee.FTW
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