Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Mary STEARNS was born 24 Jul 1738 in Worchester, Mass.. She was the daughter of Ebenezer (Twin) STEARNS and Mary Spring.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Ebenezer (Twin) STEARNS was born 22 Apr 1708 in Cambridge, MA., and died Sep 1777 in Worchester, MA..

Mary Spring was born 20 Nov 1709 in Watertown, MA., and died Oct 1798 in Newton, MA..

Children of Mary /Spring/ and Ebenezer (Twin) /STEARNS/ are:
  1. Mary STEARNS was born 24 Jul 1738 in Worchester, Mass..

  2. Ephraim STEARNS was born 10 Jan 1740 in Worchester, Mass..

  3. Ebenezer Jr. STEARNS was born 3 Oct 1741 in Worchester, Mass..

  4. Nathaniel STEARNS was born 26 Oct 1743 in Worchester, Mass..

  5. Simeon STEARNS was born 10 Jun 1745 in Worchester, Mass..

  6. Joanna STEARNS was born 7 Apr 1747 in Worchester, Mass..

  7. Betsy STEARNS was born 7 May 1750 in Worchester, Mass., and died 13 Apr 1777 in Worchester, Mass..

  8. Lucretia STEARNS was born 7 Jul 1752 in Worchester, Mass..

  9. William (Capt) STEARNS was born 5 Jul 1754 in Worchester, Mass., and died 14 Feb 1834 in Jamestown, NY.. He married Joanna DUNCAN on 16 Sep 1775 in Mass.. She was born 2 Aug 1757 in Mass., and died 13 Aug 1834 in Jamestown, NY..

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