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Marriage: Children:
  1. Noah T. ANDREWS: Birth: Sep 1788 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 18 Nov 1878 in Claremont, NH.

  2. Mehitable ANDREWS: Birth: abt 1791 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 10 Nov 1849 in Shipton, Canada

  3. Elisha Lyman ANDREWS: Birth: 15 May 1793 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 19 Jan 1883 in Shipton, Canada

  4. Sarah(Sallie) Marie ANDREWS: Birth: 2 Jul 1801 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 22 Mar 1852 in West Brookfield, Ohio

  5. Horatio Nelson ANDREWS: Birth: Jun 1806 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 27 Jul 1880 in Shipton, Canada

  6. Susan Tyler ANDREWS: Birth: Feb 1816 in Claremont NH..

  7. William Edgar ANDREWS: Birth: 11 Jan 1819 in Claremont, NH..

  8. James B. ANDREWS: Birth: Oct 1822 in Claremont, NH.. Death: 15 Jan 1893 in Shipton, Canada

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