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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha BULL: Birth: Dec 1868 in Wilialmtown, N.Y.. Death: Dec 1868 in Williamstown, N.Y.

  2. Nora Elizabeth BULL: Birth: 6 Jan 1870 in Gage Co, Nebraska. Death: Dec 0 B.C. in Gage Co., Nebraska

  3. Emma Adaline BULL: Birth: 2 Nov 1871 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 21 Oct 1918 in Beatrice, Nebr.

  4. Musadora BULL: Birth: 2 Aug 1873 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 17 May 1910 in Beatrice, Nebr.

  5. Albert S. BULL: Birth: 1875 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 1951 in Mt. View, CA.

  6. George Fredrick BULL: Birth: 1877 in Gage Co. Nebr.. Death: 1908 in Beatrice, Nebr.

  7. Harriet May BULL: Birth: 29 Jun 1880 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 11 Mar 1966 in Lincoln, Nebr.

  8. Lydia Violetta BULL: Birth: 1882 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 1953 in Steel City, Nebr.

  9. Mary Etta BULL: Birth: 16 Nov 1885 in Gage Co., Nebr.. Death: 16 May 1928 in Tomah, Wisc.

  10. Charles Allen BULL: Birth: 1893 in Gage Co., Nebr..

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