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Lydia DEVEREAUX: Birth: 15 Mar 1819 in Nassau, NY.. Death: 28 Apr 1891 in Bakersfield, CA.
Polly DEVEREAUX: Birth: 1827 in Penn.. Death: 30 Mar 1872 in Sugar Grove, PA.
Sanford DEVEREAUX: Birth: abt 1848 in Penfield, OH..
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Charles Samuel DEVERT: Birth: 12 Oct 1855 in Akron, OH.. Death: 11 Sep 1883 in Akron, OH.
Edwin Otto DEVERT: Birth: 17 Feb 1853 in Akron, OH.. Death: Oct 1853 in Akron, OH.
Frederick Elvin DEVERT: Birth: 22 Oct 1862 in Akron, OH..
Harry J. DEVERT: Birth: 25 Nov 1859 in Akron, OH.. Death: 6 Dec 1869 in Akron, OH.
John DEVERT: Birth: 2 Sep 1829 in Lancaster, PA..
William Manning DEVERT: Birth: 9 Oct 1851 in Akron, OH..
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Beth Lois DEWEESE: Birth: 5 Jul 1935 in Cherokee, OK.. Death: 27 Mar 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK.
Glen Raymond DEWEESE: Birth: 19 Sep 1914 in Homestead, OK.. Death: 19 Jan 1986 in Oklahoma City, OK.
Otmar O. DEWEESE: Birth: 1873. Death: 1935
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Daniel DEWEY: Birth: 9 Nov 1680 in Westfield, CT.. Death: 1 Jan 1717 in Farmington, CT.
Daniel DEWEY: Birth: 24 Aug 1707 in New Britain, CT.. Death: 28 Oct 1786
Elizabeth DEWEY: Birth: 18 Mar 1731 in Sheffield, Mass..
Elizabeth DEWEY: Birth: 10 Jul 1710.
Ezekial DEWEY: Birth: 5 Dec 1744 in Sheffield, Mass.. Death: 1748 in Sheffield, Mass.
Hannah DEWEY: Birth: 21 Jan 1733 in Sheffield, Mass..
John DEWEY: Birth: 22 Jan 1740 in Sheffield, Mass..
Samuel DEWEY: Birth: 12 Apr 1703 in Westfield, Mass.. Death: in Westfield, Mass.
Samuel DEWEY: Birth: 25 Jan 1737 in Sheffield, Mass..
Sarah DEWEY: Birth: 2 Aug 1712 in Farmington, CT..
Thankful DEWEY: Birth: 25 Jan 1738 in Sheffield, Mass..
Zenas DEWEY: Birth: abt 1750 in Sheffield, Mass..
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Catherine R. DeWITT: Birth: 24 Apr 1815 in Harwinton, CT.. Death: 20 May 1883
Eliza DeWITT: Birth: 24 Mar 1846 in Perry, NY..
George W. DeWITT: Birth: 25 Apr 1826 in Perry. NY..
Jane H. DeWITT: Birth: 16 Jul 1811 in Harwinton, CT..
Joseph DeWITT: Birth: 10 Apr 1759 in Harwinton, CT.. Death: 27 Sep 1812 in Harwinton, CT.
Julia M. DeWITT: Birth: 25 Apr 1828 in Perry, NY..
Lovina DeWITT: Birth: 4 May 1853 in Perry, NY..
Martha L. DeWITT: Birth: 31 May 1831 in Perry, NY..
Mary H. DeWITT: Birth: 24 Jan 1817 in Perry, NY..
Rachel A. DeWITT: Birth: 5 Jul 1813 in Harwinton, CT..
Sarah DeWITT: Birth: 13 Jan 1780 in Harwinton, CT.. Death: 15 Aug 1848 in Greece, NY.
Thomas (Capt) DeWITT: Birth: 8 Oct 1790 in Harwinton, CT.. Death: 2 May 1867 in Perry, NY.
Thomas A. Jr. DeWITT: Birth: 20 May 1823 in Perry, NY..
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Alvah Goodrich DeWOLFE: Birth: 25 Aug 1810 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 10 Aug 1896 in Seymour, CT.
Andrew Booth DeWOLFE: Birth: 19 Dec 1795 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 10 Sep 1867 in Morris, CT.
Elizabeth DeWOLFE: Birth: 6 Jan 1852 in Plymouth, CT..
Frederick Stanley DeWOLFE: Birth: 8 Mar 1801 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 5 Apr 1839
George DeWOLFE: Birth: 31 Jan 1805 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 6 Mar 1806 in Bethlehem, CT.
Harriet Marie DeWOLFE: Birth: 1844 in Morris, CT..
Helen (Nylie) DeWOLFE: Birth: 1854 in Harlem, Bronx Co., NY..
Huldah DeWOLFE: Birth: 1840 in Seymour, CT..
Levi Jr. DeWOLFE: Birth: 1788 in Bethlehem, CT..
Levi Sr. DeWOLFE: Birth: 9 May 1760 in Newington, CT.. Death: 23 Jan 1849 in So. Farms, CT.
Lucy Elizabeth DeWOLFE: Birth: 1842 in Morris, CT..
Maria DeWOLFE: Birth: 27 Jan 1808 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 18 Oct 1872 in Morris, CT.
Nancy Frances(Fannie) DeWOLFE: Birth: 24 Aug 1856 in Seymour, CT..
Rufus DeWOLFE: Birth: 17 Apr 1793 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 25 Feb 1836 in Cleveland, OH.
Selina (Selima) DeWOLFE: Birth: 23 Apr 1799 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 1889
Stanley DeWOLFE: Birth: 7 Jun 1791 in Bethlehem, CT.. Death: 27 Jul 1792 in Bethlehem, CT.
Benjamin DEXTER: Birth: 17 Nov 1747 in Hardwick, Mass..
Hannah DEXTER: Birth: 1768.
Ichabod DEXTER: Birth: 24 Jan 1736 in Athol, Mass.. Death: 13 Feb 1797
Job DEXTER: Birth: 8 Mar 1740 in Hardwick, Mass.. Death: 10 Jul 1827
Joseph DEXTER: Birth: 2 May 1733 in Rochester, Mass..
Mary DEXTER: Birth: 11 Jun 1743 in Hardwick, Mass.. Death: in Hardwick, Mass.
Samuel DEXTER: Birth: 14 Dec 1708 in Rochester, Mass..
Samuel DEXTER: Birth: 13 Oct 1734 in Rochester, Mass.. Death: 3 May 1824
Sarah DEXTER: Birth: 8 May 1745 in Hardwick, Mass..
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Mary Eliz. DIBBLE: Birth: 27 Mar 1790 in Danbury, CT.. Death: 4 Feb 1852 in Danbury, CT.
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Susannah (Dickenson) DICENSON: Birth: abt 1734 in Phillips Patent, N.Y.. Death: 28 Jul 1805
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Lena Kathryn Dickard: Birth: 11 Jun 1922 in Pickens Co., SC. Death: aft 1995 in Pickens Co., SC
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Simeon DICKENSON: Birth: 13 Sep 1816. Death: 12 Mar 1905
Wealthy DICKENSON: Birth: 1777. Death: 1838
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Hubbard S. DICKERSON: Birth: 1805 in Vermont.
Louisa DICKERSON: Birth: abt 1836 in Edwards, NY.. Death: Sep 1870 in Alamo, Mich.
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Albert DICKINSON: Birth: est 1847 in NY..

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