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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann Catherine Trotter: Birth: 12 Dec 1817.

  2. Martha Elizabeth Trotter: Birth: 3 Dec 1819 in Brunswick Co., VA.. Death: 16 Jan 1842

  3. Susan Jane Agnes Trotter: Birth: 24 Jul 1821. Death: 31 Aug 1886

  4. Julianna Pegram Trotter: Birth: 21 Nov 1823 in Brunswick Co., VA.. Death: 3 Jul 1899

  5. Henrietta Thweatt Trotter: Birth: 11 Nov 1826. Death: 14 Nov 1925

  6. William Augustus Trotter: Birth: 16 May 1832. Death: May 1912

  7. Amelia Manson Trotter: Birth: 8 Nov 1834. Death: 7 Aug 1880

  8. Isham Edward Trotter: Birth: 30 Jan 1838.

  9. Lucy Eleanor Trotter: Birth: 14 Mar 1840.

a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] Inherited from fa 1806 2 young negro slaves, one horse, saddle. Notyet 21 or married. Will of Isham Trotter: In the name of God: I, Isham Trotter of the County of Brunswick, do make this my last will and Testament, being in perfect mind andmemory. i direct my debts to be paid first. I give and bequeath to my belovewife the tract of land on which I at present reside, together with thetract on which my son, Wm. A. Trotter, now resides, supposed to contain inall about eleven hundred acres, also my interest in the mill and land attached thereto owned by Col. Mason and myself, all my household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, one choice wagon, tow ox carts,one horse cart my new riding carriage, harness and horses, four choicemules, fifteen choice cattle including two yoke of oxen, all the stock ofhogs and sheep on the home plantation, all the crop of every description, either housed or growing on the farm, and the following named slaves, Billy, Oliver, Big Edmund, little Edmund, Ephriam, Emanuel and histools, Andrew, Anna, and her five children, namely, Anderson, Dick, Scott,Sam and Isham, Rhoda and her child Mary, Creasy and her two youngest children, namely, Washington and Robert Clary, Ann, Lizzy and her two children, namel, Clar and Charlotte, during her life. I also give my beloved wife one thousand dollars in money, in fee simple to paid outof my estate. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Ann Harrison, the property which I have therefore given her, also the five hundred and fifty dollars already advanced her to make her portion equal. I give to my granddaughter, Martha T. Bagley, one thousand dollars to paid out of estate, it is my wish that she shall have the slaveswhich I gave to her mother, if it meets the wishes of her father, Edward G. Bagley. I give to my two sons, Wm. A. Trotter and Isham E. Trotter, in trust for the benefit of my daughter, Susan I. A. Orgain, during her natural life, and at her death to her children, my tract of land lying on Sturgeon Creek, containing by estimation fourteen hundred andninety-five acres, also all the prperty which I have loaned to my said daughter by two deeds duly recorded in Brunswick County Court 1st January 1`846and 1st January 1856, except the tract of land mentioned therein---alsoall the stock of every description, including horses, cattle, hogs andsheep, all the plantation tools, household and kitchen furniture now in their possession---also the carriage and harness in her possession, theabove property given in trust to my daughter Susan not to be subject to the debts or contracts of her husban, under any circumstances whatsoever. I give to my daughter Juliana P. Bagley, the property which I have heretofore given her forever. I give to my son, Wm. A. Trotter, one half of the tract of land which I purchased from C. F. Maupin, lying in the county ofGreenville, supposed to contain twelve hundred and fifty acres als the following named slaves, John, Milton, Ann and five children, namely, Adolphus, Julia, Ned, John and Hannah, and all the stock of horses, cattle hogsand sheep, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools now in his possession. I give to my daughter Amelia M. Trotter, slaves, Mary, Henry, Merritt, Harrier, Joe and Catherine and one hundred dollars in moneyto purchase a bed. I give to my son, Isham E. Trotter, the other half of the tract of land, which I have lately purchased from C. F. Maupin, and slavesHall, Martha, Nick, Julia and her child, Ned, also one thousand dollars in Money to purchase stock & to make him equal with my other son. I give to my daughter, Lucy E. Trotter, the following slaves, Jane, William Thadeus, Silvy and her child, Delphy, and I direct that her expenses at school, for the next year shall be paid out of my estate. After the death of my wife, I direct that all my land and mill giveher for life, be sold, and the land on which John A. Orgain and his wifenow reside, be sold also, and the proceeds divided equally between my daughters, Mary Ann, Henrietta T. , Julianna P., Amelia M. and Lucy E. Trotter. I direct that one acre of land be reserved as a graveyard,which is now the burying ground, wher I reside, for the use of my family,and tha such shall not be sold and that free access be reserved in thesale of the land for all purposes necessary thereto. I mean the land onwhich John A. Orgain now resides tobe sold at my death. I mean the proceedsof the sale of the land and mill loaned my wife and the Orgain land, allbe divided as above among my daughters, mentioned. I will and desire that all my slaves not herein disposed of at my death be equally divided between my children. Mary Ann, Susan I. A., Julian P., Henrietta T. Amelia M, Lucy E., Wm. A and Isham E., but the share of my daughter I. A. is to be held by my sons, Wm. A and IshamE., Trotter in trust hereofore stated. I direct and wish that in thedivision of slaves that man and wife may not be parted, if it can be avoided. I direct that at my death that all my goods in the store may be sold on a credit of six months, and that all the debts that may be due the store, as well as all debts which may be due in other ways, and allthe money in my hand, shall be collected as soon as xonvenient, which with the money arising from the sale of the crop at the quarter plantationand such stock & as I have directed to be sold, shall consitute a fund,out of which all legacies in money devised herein shall be paid; if therebe more than enough, the balance to be divided equally between all my children, but the protion coming to my daughter, Susan I. A. to beheld in trust by my sons as theretofore directed. If either of my children should die before they become of age or marry, I wish the propertygiven them in the Will shall be equally divided between the remainingchildren, but if my daughter I. A. should get any property by the death of anyof her brothers or sisters, it is to be held in trust as heretofore mentioned. I direct that any property not dispose of shall be divided among my children, but Susan I. A. Orgain's to be held intrust as heretofore mentioned. I appoint Isham H. Trotter, my agent to wind up all my merchantile affairs, for which services I allow him six per cent commissions. I appoint Thomas H. Meredith and Edward G. Bagley my executors and request that no security be required of them by court. Witness my hand and seal this 5th September 1856 Isham Trotter (Seal) Acknowledged as his last will in our presence together George D. White Isham H. Trotter R. D. Turnbull This Codicil made this the 9th day of October 1856, jto be added and made a part of my will bearing the date of the 5th of September 1856,my wish and desire is that the following alterations be made in the said will. The tract of land given to my tow sons William A. and Isham E, Trotter in trust for the benefit of my daughter, Susan I. Orgainduring her natural life and at her death to her children, lying on Sturgeon Creek containing by estimation fourteen hundred and ninety-five acres.My desire is that my two sons, Wm. and Isham E. Trotter shall hold intrust the tract of land that John A. Orgain and Susan I, his wife nowresides on during her life and at her death to her children, lying on theplank road and containing by estimation five hundred acres, in the place ofthe Strugeon tract of land. I mean that the tract of land that is atpresent occupied by John A. Orgain and Susan I., his wife shall be put underthe same restriction and in the same situation in every respect as the Sturgeon tract was by my will of the 5th day of September last. Viz: that the Sturgeon tract of land all except the small piece of woodland lying on the east side of the road leading to Brunswick Court house which I loan to my wife during her life and at her death to be disposed of as all the rest of the land given her during her life, and the proceeds divided as the rest of the land given her for her life estate. Viz" equally between my daughters Mary A., Julia P., Henrietta T., Amelia M. and Lucy E. Trotter, the sale to be made by my exectors. My will is that there shall be no appraisement of my estate. Witness this hand and seal this the 9th doy of October 1856 Isham Trotter Isham H. Trotter Geo. D. White
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