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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Trotter: Birth: abt 1779 in North Carolina. Death: 1865 in White Co., Georgia

  2. Nancy Trotter: Birth: abt 1780. Death: bef 1850 in Madison Co., Al.

  3. George Trotter: Birth: 28 Jul 1781 in Brunswick Co VA.

  4. James Trotter: Birth: abt 1785 in SC. Death: Mar 1852 in Pickens Co., Pickens Dist., SC

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  8. Rebecca Trotter: Death: bef Jul 1827

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a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] A 1810: U. S. Census of Pendleton Dist., SC, page 144, family #466: Age Males Females 0-10 1 0 26-45 1 1 45+ 1 1 1812: Will of Robert Trotter, Pendleton Dist., SC: WILL OF ROBERT TROTTER Know all Men by these present that I Robert Trotter Senior of South Carolina Pendleton District Knowing that all things must come to an end havemade and ordained this My Last will and testament in the following manner firstI will that all my lawful debts be paid. Item 2nd. I give and bequeath unto my Dearly beloved wife Susanna Trotter the plantation where I now live containing 300 acres together with all my horses cattle hogs corn furniture household and freehold with all my debtsdues and demands whatever to be hers and by her freely enjoyed during herlifetime and then the remainder of any there be equally divided amongst my Lawful Heirs. Item 3rd. I will that Robert Trotter Junior be Executor and Susanna Trotter Executrix of my Estate altogether without any other person. Signed and acknowledged this 1st of February 1812 in the presents ofus) Solomon Hays (his mark) ROBERT TROTTER (HIS MARK) Nathl. Davis Recorded in Will Book A, page 139 on September 7, 1812. Proved September 7, 1812 John Harris, O.P.D. Roll No. 714.
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