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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catharine Donelson Hardaway: Birth: 21 Jul 1800 in Warren Co GA. Death: 29 Nov 1881 in Cuthbert GA

  2. Thomas Jefferson Hardaway: Birth: 8 Jan 1809 in Warren Co GA. Death: 11 Jun 1891

  3. Edmund Cody Hardaway: Birth: 12 Mar 1811 in Warren Co GA. Death: 1 May 1879 in Warren Co GA

  4. John Madison Hardaway: Birth: 3 Jan 1814. Death: 1821

  5. Elizabeth Mason Hardaway: Birth: 24 Nov 1816 in Warren Co GA. Death: 6 Nov 1886 in home, Warren Co GA

  6. Martha Ann Hardaway: Birth: 18 Oct 1819 in Warren Co GA. Death: 20 May 1898 in Troup Co GA

  7. Frances Markham Hardaway: Birth: 7 Mar 1822 in Warren Co GA. Death: 11 Sep 1899 in Warrenton, Warren Co GA

  8. Mary Trotter Hardaway: Birth: 15 Jul 1825 in Warren Co GA.

  9. James Lafayette Hardaway: Birth: 15 Oct 1828 in Warren Co GA. Death: 3 Feb 1895 in home, Thomson GA

  10. Sarah Hardaway: Birth: 14 Feb 1831. Death: 1897

  11. Sinai America Hardaway: Birth: 3 Aug 1832 in Warren Co GA. Death: 12 Jun 1854 in Warren Co GA

a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] Born a few weeks after his father's death in Rev War. Mo lived only 4 more weeks. Fa's estate badly managed and little left. Age 14apprenticed to hatter in VA where worked until age 21. Then purchased horse,saddle, bridle, new suit of clothers and headed to GA. Lived 1 yr inWashington, Wilkes Co GA where worked as hatter. 1803 moved to Warren Co GA where made fine fur hats. Was very successful. After marr, turned to farming and accumulated fine estate. Known as man of eminent piety, strict Baptist. Known for honesty and integrity, trusted adviser. 1828 joined Baptist Church at Union meeting House; baptized by Rev. BM Sanders. Few years before death, moved to Baptist Church in Warrenton.Nine of eleven ch married and raised families.
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