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  1. John William Frye: Birth: 10 May 1936 in Dayton, Ohio. Death: 17 Dec 1990 in Dayton, Ohio

  2. Charles Grayson Frye: Birth: 14 Sep 1937 in Dayton, Ohio. Death: 30 Apr 1990 in Dayton, Ohio

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a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] Aunt Katherine was a loving caring lady, she was very important in my life. She was the main source of stories and information of myfather to me. She told me things about my father that I would never of knownif not for her. My sisters and I lived with her and her family for about three months after my father her brother died. Our mother had to get thingsin order so that we could have a home. She always remembered us, coming every Christmas and bringing gifts for all of us. She and Uncle Jack always made us fell so loved by them. Nothing was more important then her family!!!!!!!!!!!!
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