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Marriage: Children:
  1. Katherine Ida Trotter: Birth: 10 Aug 1917 in Greenwood MS. Death: 11 Dec 1976

  2. Arthur Grayson Trotter: Birth: 19 Aug 1918 in Greenwood, MS.. Death: 28 Aug 1948 in Dayton, Ohio

a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] Raised in Winona MS Practiced surgery 6 years Winona then 10 years Greenwood MS. Entered WWI, out with bad heart. Resumed practice CantonMS where died from exposure to flu durring epidemic. "Spanish Flu"1917-1918 He received his public school education in Winona, Miss., and decided to study medicine. He is a graduate of the Louisville,Kentucky College of Medicine. He practiced Surgery for six years in Winona,Miss., and for ten years in Greenwood, Miss. He entered World War I, in the Surgical Corps, but had to return on account of a bad heart. He resumed his practice of Medicine inCanton, Miss., where he died, November 4, 1918, from exposure in hisprofession during the Flu Epidemic. He is buried in Winona, Ms., the OLD TROTTER HOME TOWN at the Oakwood Cemetery. He married January 4, 1916, at Westfield, New Jersey, Mary Mallet-Prevost Grayson of Wayne, Philadelphia, Pa.
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